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      Yes, I selected 5 weeks but it reverted me to one week.


    • Sorry if this is the wrong place to post a comment, it was all I cold find.

      I want to be able to use Susan Bradley’s Update list as a guide for what to install and on what to wait. It is very difficult because she does not list the items in number order, Microsoft does not either, so it is hunt and peck one at a time. This gakes way too much time and effort. We cannot control what Microsoft does; but Susna Bradley could easily control the order in her list.

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      Great piece on the QAT, but we sure could have used it four years ago.

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      I am new here, so, with all due respect:

      I just went through this. In my case the printer was installed on a Vista machine. I have two new Win7 64 bit machines I went through all of the same stuff as above trying to print on a Win & machine.. Nothing worked.

      I finally went to the manufacturer and got the appropriate driver for the printer for Win 7 64 bit and installed it with the path for the printer. That worked.


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