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    • Thanks, Alejr–

      Your comments seem in line with how I ‘d think MS updates (and the Mgr) would work.  There is a long list of various kinds of updates installed, that I don’t want to lose unless it would also fix a problem.  Not a safe bet, IMO.  At least the laptop is still working as it is; my impetus for what I tried, was to avoid the tricky KB5012170 from making a similar problem.

      I haven’t tried to start up the laptop again yet, without looking at options suggested, etc.  I’m wondering how this affects WuMgr too, but can wait since I can’t defer MS any longer now .

      BTW, I found a MS forum page on “aborted, (0x8024000b)” that helped some, but not nearly all posters.  Looks involved.


    • Thanks, Paul T–

      Re:  your question, I had shut down the laptop just as it began downloading updates while I was trying to initialize WuMgr.  Took a risk that the action was correctable with later download.  Evidently I should’ve just killed the net connection instead, but….

      (Now I see that clicking the WuMgr’s  left button recently did not prompt it to list any further W10 updates.  Hmmm.  And I see no checkboxes by past updates either to do anything.)

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 2: Pause to review #2462318

      Thank you Susan for the path to cure Search Lowlights in the Search box. Now I’ll try your path for the W10 settings after reading here.

      My wife’s W10, 21H2 PC had updated last week altho I thought I’d deferred updates on all three W10’s til late July. Happy to report, she has experienced no problem with it but does not use ms-Access. (Our other two W10s haven’t been in use online since the before 8th).

    Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)