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      WS BillDon

      Have you considered using the Print Preview feature in Firefox to add a few more print options and to perhaps help you out with your print layout issue(s)?

      Personally, I have the Menubar showing permanently where I can access various features from the bar including the Print Preview option, via the File tab by mouse cursor. This is achieved by pressing he Alt key, then the View tab, then the Toolbars option, then Menubar.
      Should you want to see the Menubar temporarily, just press the Alt key.

      Clicking the image below will show you how to access the Print Preview option with no Menubar showing and also by using an installed *Add-in[/b] which gives a web page Right Click Menu option to see the Print Preview.
      You can also use an included Toolbar Preview icon, which comes with the Add-in.

      Press the Alt key, then the F key, then the V key or click the Preview icon to open the Print Preview window.
      Look for the Simplify Page to change the layout for easier reading (and printing).
      Experiment with the Scale percentages and particularly the Shrink to Fit option before a trial print via the Print tab.
      I usually print to PDF first to see a visual result before using the paper printer.

      * Print Preview Add-inhttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/print-preview-/

      There will be other similar Add-ins available to try and use.

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      It looks like you are using Windows 7 in the above image. My instructions/images are from W10 (1903).
      However, it’s possible to remove some entries from the Open With menu by using a program from nirsoft called OpenWithView.
      It’s located on this page, ⅔ of the way down:


      Once opened, locate the entries you want to remove, then r/click them and opt to disable.
      Re-enabling is the reverse of the above.
      Right click an image file and check your Open With menu to see if your choices have been removed.
      To repeat – not all entries can be removed by this method.
      Click the image below to see a short video of OpenWithView at work. I have remove 2 entries from the menu.

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      You appear to want to add items to the Open with context menu.
      If you r/click on an image file that PSP can handle > Open With > and PSP 2020 hasn’t registered itself to automatically appear in that menu, you can click Choose another app at the bottom of that menu. You may need to scroll down.
      If PSP still isn’t there to select, scroll to the btm of the menu and click More apps.
      If PSP still isn’t showing to select, again scroll down to the btm of that menu and click Look for another app on the PC.
      Navigate to Program Files (not program Files (x86) ) > Corel > Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 (64-Bit) > Corel PaintShop Pro (.exe) > Select > Open.
      That will open PSP and PSP ‘should’ then be remembered and placed in the Open with menu for future use.

      This unfortunately it doesn’t always happen for various reasons and an easy way to add PSP to the Registry is to use a dedicated program to do it for you. This saves you manually raking through the Registry yourself.
      I use Openwithadd which is an old program created for XP/Vista but works in Windows 10 (1903).

      You can download it from here: https://www.winhelponline.com/xp/openwithadd.htm

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      Try experimenting with some of the Font Colour palette options and you may find what you want.

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      I’ve just downloaded your file and it does print 198 pages to PDF.
      Try that option, then try print from within your chosen PDF editor/viewer.

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      If you look at the folder above the one named “2013-12-18”, you’ll notice the folder named “2013-12-14 MTC”.

      Notice this other folders name is partially hidden.


      When you click it, it moves to the left to fully show the file name.
      Try shortening the file name as an experiment, then re-click it for a comparison.


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      Perhaps it’s the dead “Comment on the Askwoody Lounge” link on the Forum page that is being referred to


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      It would have been beneficial to see a screen shot of the affected page(s) to see what is happening exactly.
      I have seen web pages squashed up against the left side of a browser a few times over the years and the cause was an Extension/Addon stripping out or changing the Page Style (Cascading Style Sheets – CSS) that the webpage author had within the page(s).

      I can simulate a similar effect in Firefox by opting for No Style:

      If this looks familiar, I would suggest use another browser, say an out of the box Firefox with no 3rd party Extensions/Addons installed for the comparison.
      Some browsers have a Safe Mode which can be used for a comparison. This disables all Extensions/Addons and is a starting point for diagnostic reasons, but Edge & Google Chrome unfortunately don’t have that option.
      However, Google Chrome can be opened in Incognito mode which does disable all Extensions/Addons as part of its process, so this might offer the comparison that is being sort on the effected pages(s).

      With Edge, surprisingly, it’s not so easy.
      It can be Reset, but rather than go down that route, I’d disable any Addons manually, close Edge, then reopen for a comparison on the effected page(s) as before.

      Should all appear OK on the Facebook page after disabling Extensions/Addons, it suggests an Extension/Addon that may be is causing the problem.
      Opening the browsers back in normal mode and reinstating an Extension/Addon one at time may point to a problematic one.
      Worth a try.

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      With uBlock Origin – it’s a permanent change for me as long as UO is active.

      Re the wood grain, the text ‘layer’ is removed first, then the wood grain, then the text is re-instated.


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      Does anyone else have difficulty seeing the Woody info for the wood panel (on the right pane of this (and every AskWoody) page.

      Not any more.
      Decent adblockers can remove more than just adverts!

    • Fafner

      Out of interest, whilst viewing the newsletter in its own window, if you selected all the content (Ctrl + A) and then opted to Edit the message via Actions in the ‘Move’ group, then clicked the ‘Format Text’ tab and opted for ‘HTML’ and then saved the edits (Ctrl + S).
      When the message window is closed, then reopened, do the links now become active and stay active?

      My images are from Outlook 2010 so will look a little different to your version.

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      “Did I even check under More?”

      Yes – this is what you see when you check More in a URL link:

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      The OP wants to “Pin a Web Link to the Start Menu

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      “Is there a way to pin a web page (link) to the Start Menu?” – where is the Taskbar mentioned?

      If a URL is required in the Taskbar, I’d do as in this link : http://windowssecrets.com/forums/showthread//176462-How-to-Pin-Shortcut-to-Taskbar?p=1059966&viewfull=1#post1059966

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      You can add a URL to the All apps (left side of Start Menu) then also opt to have it/them as a Tile(s).

      Open the Start Menu/Programs folder by highlighting and selecting the text below:

      %appdata%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

      . . . copy, then paste it into the ‘Search Box’ on the Taskbar.
      Click the entry to open the folder:

      Minimise the folder.
      Open your browser with the URL you want on view.
      Select and drag the ‘Favicon’ of the opened webpage :

      . . . down to the minimised folder (keep the left click down) where it will open for you to drop the shortcut into the folder. Be careful not to drop it into any existing folders within the Programs folder as it/they will be harder to find.

      The URL shortcut will then appear in the All apps part of the Start Menu, where it will appear with new next to it.
      You can either r/click and op to Pin to Start as a Tile, or simply drag it over to the right so it appears as a Tile.

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