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      Please accept my apologies for wasting your time.
      I failed to see your reference to YouTube videos in your initial post.
      I can assure you I will not waste my, or your time again in the future.

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      Why don’t you just use the inbuilt Share > Download option for the video or audio?

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      forget it!

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      With Word closed – try creating another Normal.dotm Template.
      Copy the following text and paste it in your Search Bar:


      Press the Enter key when you see the entry.
      In the opening Templates folder, locate and rename the existing Normal.dotm file to Normal.dotm.old.
      Open Word and a new, fresh Normal.dotm file will be created.
      See if your fonts are recognised now.

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      I suspect you have opened a Belarc HTML file in a Browser that can Save as a > MHTML file.
      Then you are using that saved MHTML file in your example and it appears to show incorrectly in your Browser. In Internet explorer 11, it also appears wrongly with no scroll bar.
      Changing the file extension to .html makes no difference – it still shows corrupted.
      My example below shows a Belarc HTML file saved as a MHTML file in Chrome 94 & opened in Chrome 94 & Internet Explorer 11.
      I have also shown the actual Belarc HTML file that was generated and opened in both Browsers.
      They both show correctly with scroll bars.
      My conclusion is the saved HTML Belarc file becomes corrupted when saved as a MHTLM file as it wasn’t meant to be presented in that format.

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      That isn’t a MHTML file – it clearly shows a HTML file extension.

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      The question still remains : Why no current browser support MHTML.

      Out of interest, what do you mean by “no current browser support MHTML”?
      If you mean can open? – I can open MHTML files with the current versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome & Edge.
      These are what I have available amongst others.

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      The images above show the settings which show the documents are being offered the default save location that is the Documents folder in the D Drive – the folder location I had changed earlier by the Location/Move option.
      The independent save settings in the word processors allow a user to change the default location to where ever you want and the program should respect that change.
      Why don’t you just try it all out and see how it works?
      If you don’t like what has happened, use the ‘Location > Restore Default’ option.

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      MS Office Word, as an example, will save your documents to your user account’s Documents folder by default. This is generally C:\Users\NAME\Documents.
      If the Documents folder location has been moved/changed correctly by the methods shown above, then MS Office Word will use the changed location as default.

      Programs, such as Word/LO Writer, have their own independent settings for a user to direct the saved documents to. Making this change in the program settings will offer the location you have chosen as default, but a user can navigate to any location should they wish to via the Save dialog box.
      The examples below are from Word 2019 & LO Writer which use my Documents folder by default. I created this folder in my ‘D Drive’ and then used the ‘Location/Move’ option to direct all saved documents to this Documents folder (offer this location as default).

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      There is no need to re-save the Belarc Advisor Report when it opens in Chrome 94.
      It is already available as a HTML file in the Belarc tmp folder. This where it opens up from in your Browser(s) – even portable Browsers.

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      Out of interest, where are you getting the MHTML file from as Belarc creates a HTML file?

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      The created html Belarc Advisor report opens fine for me in Firefox, Firefox 91.1.0esr, Palemoon, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer (with scroll bar).

      When I uninstall Belarc Advisor and open a report, it has no colours and icons/tabs are just small square clickable boxes.
      When Belarc is reinstalled, a report returns to a ‘normal’ layout.

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      As a compromise, for the items mentioned in the original post & in the 3rd post of this thread, more use could/should be made of the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in a folders ‘Title Bar’ (Note: the QAT can be moved below the Ribbon).
      Simply open a folder holding the images, select an image to activate the ‘Ribbon’ and r/click items to add to the QAT from the ‘Tabs’ available.
      The ‘Properties’ tab should be there by default.
      The options are limited and in no way replaces the ‘Right Click Context Menu’ but it can have its uses.
      If you don’t have the ‘Ribbon’ showing by default, simply d/click a Tab (Home, Share, View as examples and the ‘Ribbon’ will reveal. You can also use the small up/down arrow at the right side of the Tab Bar or press the Ctrl + F keys.

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      As far as I know, Microsoft Word documents don’t have and have never had the ability to store print settings within a file/document structure that has been created.
      It perhaps can be done by using a custom macro.
      I do believe the old Word Perfect had the ability to save the print settings, but not Microsoft Word.

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