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      Go to: File > Options > Advanced > Scroll down to Display > Check ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’ > OK.
      Close Outlook > Re-open for a comparison.

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      Try change the default PDF handler from within Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
      Open AAR DC and go to the Menubar > Edit > Preferences > General > Scroll down to the bottom.
      Check ‘Tell me if Acrobat is not my default application’, then Select as default PDF handler > OK > Follow the prompts.
      This method is the same as I showed you earlier up the thread, but it is initiated from within AAR DC this time.

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      I find the easiest way to change what opens a file by default is to either select the file (PDF in my example below) in the folder where it is located and use the Properties icon in the QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) or press the Alt + Enter keys, or r/click a file > Properties.
      Once the Properties box is on view, click the Change tab and then select your preferred viewer/editor to open the file.
      If your preferred program isn’t showing, you will need to scroll down and select More apps and Look for another app on this PC to navigate to what you are looking for.
      You can do the same for your images that open in the wrong program viewer/editor.

      You say you have tried several methods – it’s often wise to say what methods you have tried so any ‘helper’ isn’t repeating what you have already done.

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      Perhaps the horizontal ‘spacing’ is not meant to be changed, only the vertical ‘spacing’.
      Are you also wanting the ‘compact’ view as shown in the ‘[Tip] Restore “Compact Mode” Density Option in Firefox Customize Window’ page – https://www.askvg.com/tip-restore-compact-mode-density-option-in-firefox-customize-window/ ?
      It appears like that because the FF Browser Window has been made horizontally smaller for clarity and to fit within the webpage spacing. The changed ‘compacted view’ is a consequence of changing that Window size.

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      YouTube is often a good place to explore:




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      That’s the procedure I usually see. However sometimes I see the other method mentioned as in my first posting where you go to the Storage screen in settings > More storage settings > Change where new content is saved.

      What’s the difference between the two? And why use both?

      The difference is using the ‘Location > Move’ option lets you manually create a folder (Documents as an example) in the ‘D’ Drive (or other internal Drive of your choice) and to then move ‘all’ the folders/files from the original Documents location to the new location.
      Documents in the future, when saved, will show the new default save location for you to use or not.
      In my experience, the original, now empty, Documents folder remains in the ‘User’ files folder. I assume this is for older programs that may be hard coded to write/save to that location and thus in doing so, avoiding complications trying to find a folder that wouldn’t be there.

      When you opt to ‘Change where new content is saved’, say in the D Drive, a new folder, with your user name, is created and a sub folder called Documents is within that folder.
      All new documents will have a default save location to this changed location/folder and the original Documents folder content remains.
      You will now have 2 locations for ‘Document’ content – the original Documents folder and the newly created location which saves ‘new’ content to that location.
      You will have 2 locations that contain old and one for new content!
      The ‘Change where new content is saved’ option perhaps should be used on a new, clean install and all Documents created/saved will have the new/changed location from day one and not have confusingly 2 locations of similar types of files.

      I always ‘move’ all my documents (folders/files) to an internal ‘*’ Drive using the ‘Location’ tab option and always do on any new machine along with Pictures, Videos, Music.
      When I, for experimental purposes, use the ‘Change where new content is saved’ option for say Documents, any changes are not respected and do not work. I assume this is because the ‘Move’ via the ‘Location’ tab has been used previously used and changed Registry settings are preventing the new location from being offered.

      Again from my experience, program settings giving a save location choice, over-rides options given by the ‘Change where new content is saved’.

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    • So, after the news and weather widget Microsoft is going after Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Apple TV+…with movie streaming widget ?

      You have placed a question mark after the above wording in your post.
      I posted what Microsoft have said re ‘The Entertainment Widget’.
      I have no interest in what ‘you’ need and what ‘you’ think it is good for.

    • The entertainment widget allows you to see new and featured movie titles available in the Microsoft Store. Selecting a movie will direct you to the Microsoft Store to see more information about that title.

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      Use a third-party program called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker from here:


      Once installed and running, you can r/click its icon in the Taskbar Notification Area (Show hidden items) > Advanced Options > Look for disable_items_drag and change its data value to One > OK.
      The icons now will be locked in position.

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      Try this, r/click an empty space on the Desktop > New > Shortcut.
      Type (or copy then paste) into the Location field the following:

      %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

      . . . Next > Rename if you want (I always change the first letter to a capital) > Finish.
      Now r/click the new ‘Shutdown’ shortcut > Properties > Change Icon > OK > Select an appropriate icon > OK > OK.
      Now drag it to the Taskbar and reposition as required.

      For Restart:

      %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /r /t 0

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      The CPU alternative PTT option is firmware integrated into the CPU.
      PTT is an alternative to an actual TPM chip.

      If you have looked in the BIOS for options to enable PTT, as in the YouTube video (or similar to), and there is no option because of the CPU generation, then the reason why you are told by TPM Management that ‘Compatible TPM cannot be found’ is because you have no TPM chip inserted into the header/socket.

      From your Motherboard User Guide:

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      Who or what is telling you that the TPM socket is unusable?

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      This YouTube video might be useful to you. It’s not specific to your Motherboard, but will show you where to look and how to enable the CPU ‘TPM’ equivalent (PTT) if it is available on your Motherboard.

      So what’s the point in having the TPM socket

      Many Motherboard manufactures are phasing out TPM chips to save money. Some may still have a TPM header (empty) but even the headers will potentially go in the near future.
      The CPU manufacturer, Intel & AMD for example have their own equivalents. Often they are disabled by default.
      When enabled, a TPM check (tpm.msc in search bar or Run Command) will show that it is (TPM) ready for use.

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      This link might be useful to you:

      Pinned Jump List Question


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