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      That’s a good point. It’s a possible VPN I didn’t think of that because on a particular day I see that I successfully logged in and shortly after on the same day someone in Japan tried to log in with the wrong password. This has been going on for a while it seems with failed log ins from Ukraine, Indonesia, and other area’s around the globe. So to avoid this from happening again should I just create another email address with a two step Auth. in place?

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      Hi Susan,

      It was attempts that failed due to the wrong password. The thing that got me was the attempted log in came from different areas around the globe.

      Please explain the two factor again and how it works.

      All my best

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      Hi Susan,
      I see it was mentioned in your post that it also has to deal with WPA3. My netgear router has a firmware update and i’m assuming it has to do with that as well. My question is do I update the router firmware or what to see if others have issues? My other main concern is if older PC’s like mine that have older NIC Cards with they crash when if the OK is given to install 21h2?

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      Let’s say for the sake of argument that Windows 11 is going to be demanding on hardware requirements for some and for others the expense of considering buying a new computer.

      My question is I’ve seen videos on u tube and a comment here at ask woody regarding windows fx 11 that interested people can download.

      I’m not familiar with Linux I’ve always been a Windows OS man I seen on the windowfx 11.org  website that the software comes from Brazil does anyone know if this new mimic of windows 11 can be trusted any more than Redmond Wa. windows 11 in regards to spying on the people that install it?

      Has anyone actually installed it yet and  did you have any problems and how did you make it bootable using a CD or a USB?


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      I just want to thank all of the feedback regarding antivirus and windows 10 protection.

      It seems to me that nearly all the tv channels you watch you get bombarded with Norton 360 with life lock making it seem that we are all going to be victims of cyber crime one day. I get emails from Malware bytes,EFF.org, and others that make it  clear that privacy and government watching and spying on you that you might think that this was Ch**a or Ru**ia. So my concern is antivirus enough or do we need a supplemental protection? Thanks again all.

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