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      Turned out to be simple matter of turning on the updating…had been on 7 day hold..then following up and checking for updates after each restart..It’s all up to date now and the box didn’t meltdown.

      Thanks for your assistance

      Grateful Toad

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      Thanks..I got the version target set for 2004..now how do I get it to go forward before the Gates of Hell…I mean the April patch window opens?

      Thanks so much

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      When I update from 1909 to 2004 can I be assured that the current toxic updates will not piggyback in on that or should I wait till the updates are Def 4 or higher?

      Thanks for taking to trouble to answer

      Grateful Toad

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      I have a recently acquired Win 10 pro refurb with 1909  and want to go to 2004 without incurring toxic updates. Is there a simple way to do this?


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      Windows 7 Updates? My impression was that Win7 updates were history as of Jan 2020 yet a current update for Win 7 is mentioned on this thread…along with a warning that it’s risky. I’ve blocked updates on all my Win 7 PCs..is there a reason to consider updating or is this just Microsoft looking for a chance to kill some Win7s so people will have to buy new pc’s or software?

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      If I pause updates for 7 more days..to April 5th, is it likely that this update gets updated..fixed by Microsoft?

      How risky is the environment that the rec is to take a chance on an update that clearly still has problems?

    • I just went from 1909 to 2004..Since I don’t/won’t use Edge and it’s reported to be intrusive, is there a way to remove or Block it and it’s updates?

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      I updated Win10 Pro from 1909 to 2004 using target release..The update history shows 2020-10 security update for V 2004 as latest installed..installed on 2/2/21..same as 2004. Only updates on offer are 2020-10 Edge..never used Edge. and 2021-Cumulative PREVIEW..not interested in beta testing that. Did the 2004 feature update include security updates through the 2/1/21 install date?

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      Last year I planned to replace my Win 7 Laptop with a win 10 pro with 17″ screen..but there was a paucity of decent priced alternatives..every time I look at Office depot..an indicator more than a source..there was lot’s of outages except for  high end gaming rigs. I needed a Win10 to run upcoming tax software and I needed time to get used to it..so I baled on the new laptop plan and bought a refurb win10 pro desktop..A better choice. I read about the auto shortage..expected to ding auto sales by 3-4% and not be resolved till mid 2021. Chip makers reallocated to consumer electronics to meet WFH & home schooling demand surge..and still there are shortages. An interesting question is what happens if China “Hong Kong’s” Taiwan, since Taiwan Semi is a big chunk of the global semi supply chain. Intel recently going with them to Fab 7nm or some such.

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      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, after seeing all the howling, agonized shrieks of wounded Win 10 users on this and so many other forums, I’m just going to putter along as best I can for as long as I can.

      I’m with you bro! Picked up a refurb Win10 Pro desktop to use with tax software that will not do Win7. It was a huge hassle to get the updating somewhat squared away..and I still might get updated into BSOD oblivion. I have 7 Win7 PC’s..5 of which I use every day. I’m not able to coordinate any of them with the highly anti-social Win 10 on my own home network. My son, an applications engineer who programs robots, couldn’t solve the home network problem either.  Win 10 PC’s are just too hard for people. I’d bet the number of “From my cold dead hand” Win 7 users is way way under counted. I plan to keep my 7’s going until I can’t get a browser or antivirus that will work with them.

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    • Following @bob99 advice: the Pause updates feature..was set to not configured..but I changed to disabled
      Still seems Blocked
      Under settings I found “view configured update policies”
      All are source: Admin. Type: Group policy
      Policies set on you device:
      Disable Pause updates by user
      End date for pausing quality updates
      En able quality update deferral
      Quality update deferrel period

      Thanks for the help guys..I’ve been doing windows PC’s since early 1990’s it bothers me that I can’t seem to fix this..If I let updates rip..I fear they’ll do just that..but now I got year long update constipation. D*****d if you do….

      Any way, really appreciate the guidance.

    • I used a link I found on AKB 2000016 I thinks ..not sure which one..to pause or stop updates..possibly by setting a group policy. Now when I check windows update..I come upon “Pause isn’t available per your organizations policy” I own the Pc..there is no organization. I want to stay with 1909..but since the Pc hasn’t been updated since October 2019, I’d like to get the updates..I bought it as a clean refurb a month ago..Win10 Pro. Thanks for any help you care to provide.

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      Thanks..my tentative plan is to keep 1909 until Devcon 4 or 5 in early 2021 and upgrade to 20H2 before 21H1 hits..by then the kinks should be ironed out of 20H2 and I’ll have a long runway before 21H1.

      Really appreciate the assistance.

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      Just bought a new [for me] Win10 pro refurb desktop Ver1909, last patched 11/2019. My experience is only with Win7’s. I know there be daemons with updating. The conservative strategy would be to keep V1909 but get security updates. The posts I’ve found on this describe complicated ways to tiptoe through this update minefield.. My tentative plan is to create an ISO backup of the system as it stands and get a V1909 copy using https://heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-and-office-iso-download-tool  as Woody has recommended. With that, I will start my trek through the minefield. Any sage advice on this strategy would be deeply appreciated.


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      I just bought a refurbished Win 10 [1st Win10]..when I unpacked and checked components the HDD was manufactured in 2013..I have several Win7s of similar vintage…they’re working fine..only reason I got the Win10 pro box was that tax software won’t run on win7.

      Correcting, I have 3 Win7’s bought refurbished that were manufactured in 2009..another one died.

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