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    • in reply to: No, you don’t want the Rollup Preview patches #117657

      May I assume the same ‘Don’t install optional rollup PREVIEW patches,’ applies to May and future preview patches?

    • May I assume the April recommendation not to install optional roll-up preview patches still stands?

      I’m not keen on being an unpaid patch beta tester…

    • I would add the following cautious options:

      If you have multiple similar PC’s with similar configurations, patch the least important one first it see if anything specific to your boxes doesn’t play well with the current patch.

      Create one or more restore points before patching.

      Apply major patches…the security roll-up and the .net roll-up separately and create a restore point in between.

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    • Please explain advantage of this “turn off automatic updates” method over “check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” option.

      I’ve never had an update install without my having initiated it using the “check for updates…let me choose” option. Am I missing something?

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    • in reply to: A question about the MS-DEFCON system #116722

      I completely understand  and applaud the Defcon system, but it’s looking like a stopped  clock @Defcon 2. If the May patch hadn’t fixed most of the April trainwreck problems, wouldn’t there be more anguish expressed over May. True the  problem with certain CPU’s is there but it’s a known and declared  issue. I haven’t patched since March…the REALLY IMPORTANT one, but still  there are issues in  April & May that should be patched.

      Normally, I  would have cautiously applied the May patch…test box first with restore points then on to other boxes, but I been  waiting for  the Defcon to  signal at least 3 or  4.


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      I’m group A with a delay  using Spybot Anti-beacon to  limit unwanted telemetry. A few days after a patch  is released, I generally go to several sites to follow patching…infworld and askWoody are favorites. I also check if Microsoft is disclosing known  issues and  google “MAY 2017” PATCH TUESDAY “WINDOWS 7” issues OR PROBLEMS. If nothing ugly turns up,  I patch a test box after creating 2 restore points. I apply 1 patch at a time and create restore  points between patches. If nothing goes wrong, I follow same procedure 1 PC at a time of several days.

      There are many sites that introduce and describe patches..redundant and not terribly helpful.

      What would  be helpful would an  aggregation of  the real world problems people are having organized by operating system…I don’t  have Win 10 so I rather not waste time  reading about Win10 specific  issues.

      Maybe some sort of poll might be useful.

    • in reply to: The complexity of controlling Windows telemetry #116187

      I’ve used Spybot Anti-beacon which blocks pathways, is customizable and hasn’t caused any problems since I installed it on 9 win 7 PC’s 10/2016. After a patch I refresh it incase one of doors it closed has been reopened by the patch. It uses no resources as it just closes the doors and shuts down. Repeated scans have shown no spyware..indeed spybot has a good reputation as a vendor of anti-spyware.

      Can I be sure Microsoft isn’t still able to monitor my not terribly interesting activities? Nope. But it’s a lot less likely and there’s no downside..it’s free.

      I have no affiliation with spybot.

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