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    • in reply to: Can DuckDuckGo raise enough money to give Google a scare? #2493841

      I thought that Duckduckgo’s search engine WAS Google’s search engine through an anonimizer.  Did DDG build its own search engine, or did Brian inadvertently leave this fact out?

    • I have registered a name and password with tic-toc.  What can tic-toc steal if you don’t download the app but view its content through a web browser?

    • in reply to: Our world is not very S.M.A.R.T. about SSDs #2424669

      Ditto experience on the thumb drives.  But I find that even lightly-used thumb drives sometimes get corrupt files – even if the drive or file has not been accessed for a year or more.

    • in reply to: Windows Explorer Search Function #1907961

      Bingo!  I was searching on the wrong type, as you replied.

      So where do I find a list of file types that equate to each ‘Kind’ in the dropdown?


    • in reply to: SSD fails randomly for no reason #1542943

      Amazingly enough, the ‘fix’ described in the link worked! As it says, I connected the power plug, unplugged the data plug, applied power for 20 minutes, removed power for 30 seconds, and repeated it once. Then I connected the data plug and lo and behold the drive was seen at bootup! However, once it booted to Windows (on the mechanical drive) Windows said it needed to run a chkdsk on the SSD. It appeared to find a lot of errors.
      So, I have a few questions:
      – Why did that fix work? Merely applying power to a device does not normally fix its operation. (It is an OCZ Agility3 drive)
      – Is the drive reliable enough to reinstate its use as a boot device, considering the large number of chkdsk errors?
      Many thanks to satrow for his suggestion.

    • in reply to: Excel 2013 crashes when editing #1442037

      None of those. I do install Windows Office 2013 updates when prompted. But I haven’t heard other complaints about any recent updates.

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      I never use the cloud. All of my data are located on my local hard disk.

    • in reply to: Moving user folders off C: drive #1413387

      I’m having the same problem with my newly-installed Win 7 64-bit setup. I have an SSD drive as C: and a hard drive as D:. I’m logged in as the sole user, an administrator. I right click on the C:Public folder and there is no location tab, so I can’t move that. Then I right click on the C:PublicPublic Documents folder (and other public type folders) and there is a location tab, with the name apparently editable. However I cannot change or delete the characters.

    • in reply to: Memeo Backup disables Windows 7 Backup #1308213

      As for Memeo, I have that as well and I think we can just turn it off to perform a backup, can’t we? (I haven’t tried it, I don’t think.) One phenomenon I have noticed that seems to have come with Memeo is that many desktop icons won’t work, and the programs have to be started from the Start menu, but that may be unrelated to Memeo unless you have run into the same thing.

      I don’t have that problem with Memeo.

      The demo version of the program came with the Seagate Goflex drive, and I purchased and use the full version before I started this thread. I’ve read that, because Memeo and Windows Backup use the Volume Shadow Service, both won’t work on the same PC. In order to revert to Windows Backup I must uninstall Memeo. Stopping it does not enable Windows Backup. If anyone has an alternate way to allow Windows Backup to run while Memeo is installed, I’m anxious to see it.

      Thanks for everyone’s help.

    • in reply to: Make the most of Windows 7’s Libraries #1272654

      I like your article in libraries, but I have a related question: the search box. Any text entered there causes a search of file names and contents. But you can add keywords preceeding the text to search for dates, file age, file name only. I am looking for a definitive list of keywords and examples of their use. Point me to an article if this has been covered, or write one for the newsletter.

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