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      Yes, there is a Microsoft account, no the key was not listed.

      I found more information on the subject:


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      I’ve worked from home full time since 1994, up thru 2016 for a large IT corporation as a data analyst / business programs manager and after that for myself as an independent IT Consultant.

      Having trouble helping some one setup a display you are unfamiliar with?

      Start by asking for the make and model, google that information and if you are lucky you might come up with a owners manual to download or at the very least a review with detailed photos showing where those keys are.

      My remote technical support workload has picked up over the last week. there have been two requests I could not repair remotely, a 3 month old Macbook with streaks running down its display (I’m thinking the display signal cable is wonky) and an ancient Core Duo Dell mini tower that beeps at the owner and the owner is the type that should never ever have a screwdriver placed in their hands.

    • Against my better judgement a client requested I upgrade them from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro 1909 on a white box i5 based tower built for them by a local shop. The migration to 1909 failed on the second restart and rolled back to Windows 7. Going thru the logs I discovered 1909 did not like the drivers for the Netgear USB WiFi adapter plugged into the back of the machine. Unplugging this adapter allowed me to successfully complete installation of 1909, but after lunch my client sat down in front of an unresponsive black screen, performed a power on reset and then was stuck in an automatic repair loop. I was able to use system restore to recover from the failure. Event viewer logged errors trying to install Microsoft supplied Nvidia drivers for the GTX 750 video card. I downloaded and installed current drivers from the Nvidia web page and all seems to be working properly (so far). I was not asked to migrate from the local Windows user id to an id linked to an e-mail address even though the computer was connected to the Internet during the process.

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    • Yesterday I installed Win 10 Home 1809 from a one year old DVD onto a clients 10 year old laptop with a new hard drive. The laptop had WiFi Internet access. Sure enough the install process demanded I create an online microsoft e-mail address and did not present an option to create an offline Windows 10 account. I created a burner outlook.com address and after installation was complete went to settings and converted the online account to an offline account. I will not make the mistake of allowing an Internet connection during install again in the future.

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    • The most difficult screen replacement I’ve performed for a client was on his Surface Pro 3. The screen is super thin, easily cracks, expensive with limited OEM availability compared to other screens. The replacement process starts with covering the old screen with tape, smashing it to pieces while attempting to gently lift it off the adhesive tape, then picking the remaining shards out of the chassis with a magnifying glass and tweezers. I’ve sworn off doing anything but software fixes on all Surface devices.

    • A little OT.

      Just finished up a remote tech support service call for a 94 year old home user.

      Dell laptop running slow, unresponsive. couldn’t bring up a web browser. I remotely connected to his laptop and discovered that Windows Update was reporting failures to update from Windows 10 Home 1803 to 1903. I ran the Update Troubleshooter which reported correcting a corrupt database and 2 other items. I offered to manually install 1903 so he did not have to deal with any issues himself. He agreed and I started the update process from the Microsoft “Download Windows 10” web page. The version update succeeded but ran from 4:30 PM thru midnight. Just want to thank Microsoft for the unexpected billable hours. My school taxes are due in September and I can use the money.

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      Acronis has been my default choice for home backups for at least 10 or more years. Each version seems to have a few quirks but overall it gets the job done for 6 or 7 Windows machines in my home from XP Pro SP3 to Win 10 1903.

      As an IT Consultant I don’t see desktops and laptops going away anytime soon, especially for the work at home graphic artists, photographers, CPA’s, engineers, and more, people who have real work to do. I’ve seen corporate America try to push handheld devices only but that does not get the job done for all tasks. Have had quite a few gaming towers on my bench in for repair owned by 14 and 15 year olds.

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    • There’s no good reason to use POP3 anymore other than to create sadness for technical people and data recovery situations.

      What do you mean by that very puzzling remark? Are you actually advocating folks sell their souls to gmail and the like? I refuse to communicate with ANYONE who uses gmail and since a lot of users know that privacy oriented users hate gmail they deliberately try to fake a non gmail account so I haven’t communicated with most people by email in many years.

      I have used Thunderbird since its inception. I keep all email on my ISP’s servers forever (about 18 years now) and on my computers the TB folders reside on my D drive NOT the SSD C drive. I still Telnet occasionally into the mail server as that can be very useful at times. I use email for forum registrations, website purchases, etc. NEVER for personal mail (exept one ccount outside the USA). I use POP ONLY. I hate webmail but I have to access it to make changes in any account from my ISP. For the few personal contacts that I allow, I use an Israeli email account that is far more secure than my ISP or other USA email accounts. None of my accounts in TB have my real name under “your name”..all names are fake.

      Count your lucky stars if you have had the same e-mail address thru your ISP for decades. I’ve moved around from ISP to ISP every few years, my oldest e-mail address would have been based on FIDOnet link into the Internet, followed by dial-up netcom, followed by Warwick.net, followed by Citlink.net, followed by Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, Aol, GMail, Winlink.Org, HVC.RR.COM, Frontiernet.net, ARRL.NET, etc. A long time ago I decided to make the hotmail account my main e-mail account and have not been sorry for this decision. Citlink turned into Frontier and sold off their e-mail to Yahoo which was bought out by Verizon. It’s a real mess trying to configure many but not all Frontier run by Yahoo e-mail accounts for Thunderbird due to the non Yahoo standard security settings put in place by Frontier.

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      I used media creator to build a DVD image of 1903. Worked fine upgrading my i5 test mule Thinkpad T530 from Windows 7 Home x64. It also did not cause any issues with the other half of the dual boot partition with Mint. Still trying to understand why RDP works for me under Win 10 Home. Had a preconfigured connection setup to connection into my old quad core tower.

      Could not get the 1903 to upgrade from 1803 Pro on the Q9650 ASUS P5KC quad core tower. Only way to load 1903 on the tower was to nuke and pave with a fresh install. Doing so caused me grief with getting my networked Brother AIO working with this tower along with issues with an old Happaugue ATSC digital TV tuner USB connected adapter and USB connections to my ICOM IC-7000 Ham radio transceiver.

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      I’m a local independent IT consultant for small businesses and home users. Before that I spent 37 years with IBM as a Customer Engineer (field tech) and many other spots related to service delivery. Before that I rebuilt Teletypes for Western Union.

      I have quite a few clients, especially Seniors, who do not wish to upgrade to Windows 10 and plan on using Windows 7 till they are pushing up daisies. I still have business users on XP, using it for POS retail/inventory and HVAC controls at an ice skating rink.

      As long as it works for them they will stick with Windows 7.

      What might kill Win 7 for these home users is when mainstream web browsers like Chrome and anti virus software no longer support Win 7.

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      How about the back doors ISP tech support uses to get into their supplied routers without your prior blessing?

      About 5 years ago a local telco came out to install an Actiontec VDSL router at my home.

      The tech said they provide the router with the firewall turned off.


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      I guess it works okay unless you have a Lenovo laptop. 1803 crashed for my client when KB4483234 was applied. Logonui.exe stopped working according to Event Viewer. Upon power on all he saw was a flashing logon screen that alternated between the power button being and not being in the lower right corner of the screen. Updating him to 1809 fixed the problem.

    • Could be an issue if an Excel 64 bit user creates a huge report with thousands of columns and shares it with those running Excel 32 bit. I forget if a 32 bit user would see an error message, just not see all the columns in the report, or couldn’t open the file. Was a common problem for me when I worked in corporate America with global laptop repair parts usage reports.

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      It started with VCR’s, then digital light timers with one or two buttons that required you to push the buttons in certain combinations for certain lengths of time to make them work. Then user manuals went from printed documents to soft copy to online to fragmented online with different chapters written by different people in different countries who didn’t understand the complete product. New software available for download rarely provides comprehensive description of what the software does, does not do, or how much it costs. We’ve lost the ability to communicate complete thoughts even though there are 9 bazillion ways to communicate online.

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      I wish it was as easy as the first ad on the web site suggests. First problem the end user is going to have is getting the flash drive to boot if UEFI/BIOS is not set to first boot from USB. The days of pressing F12 to select a boot device are long gone for many PC manufacturers.

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