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    • Thanks for letting us know about this program!  I will test it out right away.  You never lead us wrong.

      However, I’m not sure I need it, because I use Stickies (https://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/), which has an option to associate sticky notes with a particular application (as it states on the referenced page: “Stickies can be attached to an application, web site, document or folder so they only show when it’s on screen.”).  I find it to be a good program; maybe you could review it some time?

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      I use Vivaldi every day, along with FireFox.  I love the tab-stacking capability of V.  Thanks for tip about Edge Dev!  I use Edge but force it to clear all data each time I close it.  I’ll start doing that with the Dev version right away.

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      Do you know of a better, safer GUI-based utility that can check for .NET versions? If so, tell me and others in the forums!

      There’s a .NET Version Check utility at Raymond.cc that is a GUI-based utility.  (https://www.raymond.cc/blog/download/did/1741/)  It is several years old but seems to work just fine.   The web site itself is very secure, more so than most.  I’ve attached a screen shot of the result on my system.


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      I use PowerShell and PSWindowsUpdates to stay on top.  This combination gives me more control than most other methods.

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      Thank you for reminding me of Steve Gibson and his great utlities!  I hadn’t heard of InControl until now…

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      Yup, good observation.  Micro$oft just wants to see how much they can get away with.  They are not professional or mature at all.  They remind me of a 10-year-old that keeps testing limits.  This way, they don’t have to take any responsibility for the idiotic ideas they have on how to make more money.

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      I’ve been using OpenShell (and it’s progenitor, ClassicShell) for nearly 8 years.  It has more capability than I need.  The two things that @Lance Whitney complained about in Start11 (built-in windows apps don’t have their own folder; configuration options are not organized) are addressed in OpenShell: Windows apps have their own folder, and there’s a search field for options.

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      Here’s a good, fairly recent article from Brian Krebs on gift card scams: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/09/gift-card-gang-extracts-cash-from-100k-inboxes-daily/

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      My hovercraft is full of eels.

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      Hey, it’s a great idea!  In fact, I think Micro$oft should bake in a “Payday Loans” feature into Chredge.  Just sign over your next paycheck and they’ll give you a short-term loan (cash!  right now!) that will perpetuate the cycle of debt.  And here’s an acronym M$ can use, free of charge: BNPF (Buy Now, Pay Forever).  Does M$ know that this type of feature will target people who are poorer and less educated?  Do they care?

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      I say it’s about time. I support a small department at a University, and Gmail forced a switch to OAuth2 authentication (Google’s version of “Modern” authentication) in July 2020, over a year ago. We use the Thunderbird 64bit email client with Google’s IMAP server, and there were no issues switching over.

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      One of the tools I’m adding to my arsenal is the use of multi-factor authentication. I rely on the service Duo (from Cisco) to add the additional requirement of a phone app (or a phone call to those without a smartphone).

      Great tips, thank you very much!
      Two questions I have are: Approximately how much is Duo costing you?  And what version/edition are you using?


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      I’ve noted before that when I’ve set a default PDF viewer and then installed new Edge, it has been necessary to reset the preference. Resetting default applications always has been problematic in Windows 10; it has often taken several feature releases before things settled down and defaults were respected.

      In my experience, PDF defaults are never initially respected by Windows 10.  It seems that every time I set up a new Windows 10 system, and install Adobe Acrobat, Windows will complain that it “ran into a problem” and had to reset the default association for PDFs (back to Edge).  I sometimes have to reset it back to Acrobat twice before Win10 stops this nonsense.

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      Yup, say what you will about Google and privacy issues, but they do a fantastic job of blocking BS.  My Google Fi account allows me to put in an unlimited (so far) amount of phone numbers to block.  As GAPT said, maybe one a week gets through.  I’m ready to dump my landline, which averages 10-15 junk calls a day.

    • On a system with Win10 1903 Enterprise, I have the TargetReleaseVersion hack in place, and KB4023057 showed as an available update, which I then hid.

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