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      Please email CuutomerSupport@AskWoody.com and Woody will be able to answer the question for you.

      Uh, I think you meant CustomerSupport@AskWoody.com

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      I was today offered those patches as optional ones and I have not, to the best of my knowledge, volunteered to share info with MS in any way. Those patches are currently hidden and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

    • I had the same problem with Malwarebytes (Free) when I went to update and then run a scan. It wouldn’t connect to the server from a limited user account unless I right clicked on the program and clicked ‘Run as Administrator’. Hope this helps.

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      Very cool !!

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      Yes, that worked in earlier versions of FF, but not v. 28, thus my query

      Works for me in FF28

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      Rare Earth Magnets work well. Small but very powerful !!!

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      72 band members



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      I’m planning on eating until I throw up!

      Gobble til ya wobble !!!!

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      I’ve been using LastPass for several years on all my computers and have found it to be easy to use and reliable.

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      You are required to give somebody exactly 6 pence in two coins, one of which must not be a 5p piece (or exactly 6cents in two coins, one of which must not be a nickel, if you prefer :o) ) How do you do it?

      CDN coinage – 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c

      One is a penny (1cent), the other is a nickel.


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      Fred, When I click on your link I get a big red warning that this web site has been deemed unsafe. Any ideas on this? Cheers, Ted

      It works fine for me in FF. WOT seems to show it as Excellent.


      Not Quite

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      Chris, two words. Facial Recognition! It is well known that Hortons is actually connected to the FBI, CIA and, most importantly, the Las Vegas criminal databases! Your cat is an agent of theirs.

      Actually, Timmies is Canadian, so your cat is also an agent of CSIS.


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      If so, it’s probably an oncoming train.

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      That’s the aim I have with Boxspin.

      Try to keep it very close or below 10.

      Also I too have seen the left side take off on its own a few times when I clicked on a box on the right side.

      Could be a game design incorporated into it to make the game more interesting.

      But at the same time it is very annoying to see it happen.

      It appears that the right side is connected to the left side of the game. When you toggle a piece on the right side that would trigger a piece in the same row on the left outer edge that piece is triggered. I think!!!!

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      Real Canajuns don’t drink U.S. beer, let alone LITE U.S. Beer.

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