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      You are correct. Looked again on history, it wasn’t listed. But system definitely shows update to 22H2

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      I used Windows Update Assistant to finally move from 21H2 to WIN 10 22H2. Build 19045.2728. I checked my settings/system and it showed 22H2. Checked WU but it wasn’t in the Feature updates history. Ran updates again which installed a security and cumulative updates for 22H2 plus updated the Feature updates history.

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      I’ll wait until Black Friday, 11/24. Last year I believe it was 50% off and with updates ending for the Free version Jan 2024 you can bet they’ll be discounting a license to entice those users to buy in.

    • I also read the thread and it seems there is more than one poster who only had it in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder and installed KB5021233  successfully. I also only have it in the drivers folder on my WIN10 21H2 and feel pretty confident in installing after my WU pause comes off on Jan 6.

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      Just received the update through Dell Update to remove the dbutil_2_3.sys driver on my WIN 10 Inspiron 3880 PC.  7.9MB file. No problems on the uninstall or after.

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      None of the above, I’m still on pause.

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      I’m waiting. Paused until Friday, April 9, just a few days before Patch Tuesday. Don’t plan on doing anything before then.

    • Susan, I see on your video you are using the Macrium  “Windows backup” vs “Image selected disks.”  I’ve been using the “Image selected disks.” Since the OS, files and data are all on my SSD and I check all the partitions, what more would selecting “Windows backup” instead do for me?

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      WIN 10 Home, v2004.  Dell Inspiron 3880 w/ssd. AV disabled before updating.

      Had a real problem with KB4598242.  Loaded 100% but failed to install. Ran WU troubleshooter, nothing. Ran CMD to stop wuauserv and bits, cleared software distribution download folder files, restarted wuauserv and bits. Did a system restart, KB4598242 downloaded 100%. Again failed to install.  Shutdown and restarted. This finally kicked it into installing. Checked update history and installed updates, it was there. Everything else on the OS seems to be working.  Have 20H2 waiting but in no hurry to install that before MS does it for me.  Back on pause until March 5.

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      I definitely fall into the non tech user category. And dread the day WU leaves me with a useless PC. When I first saw the UI of Macrium I admit it looked a bit too complicated for me to use. However, after spending an hour or two watching YouTube tutorials going step by step on how to use it I pretty well understood the basics. I downloaded MR Free, made the rescue usb and then created my first full image onto an external ssd and ran the verification. I didn’t bother with any of the scheduling, will do a manual every month before updates.  I then practice booted my MR rescue usb from the bios just to verify MR came up off the external ssd and the image was there to go.

      Quite frankly I now trust MR more than the in house Windows image backup. I have no doubt that at some point in the future WU will  disable my OS enough to where I will need MR as a last resort to get my system back. Knowing I have it ready to go takes off some of the “update anxiety” every month.



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    • No thanks. For some reason, Chredge makes me think of cringe.

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      I have the same setup and don’t care to chance those issues.  Quite frankly we are so near the end on Win7  that I think I’ll just call it EOL now. After years of dodging bad updates, thanks to Woody, it will actually be a relief to get off Windows updates. Until I buy my new Win10 desktop next Christmas.

    • I still feel like I’m flipping a coin every month. On my Win7 machine, I’m also actually looking forward to the end of updates come January. After following this site, I’ve formed the opinion that MS and its updates are a much greater danger to tanking my OS than any menace they are to protect us from. Had I not been following AskWoody, MS would at some time have given me the BSOD gift from initial bad updates. For my needs, that Chromebook is looking even better next year.

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    • Ditto for my Win7 Home AMDx64.  KB4481252, 4481480, 4480970, 890830 installed without issues. Locked back down and on to next month.

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