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      The big advantage of VLC for me is that it can be set up to automatically display the output full-screen on a projector and keep the controls on the laptop monitor.
      There may be others that can do this, but if there are I have not found them.
      However, it does have the big disadvantage that its help screens etc. are not particularly user-friendly, and that if one searches for information on how to get round a problem there are replies around that relate to older versions, and no longer work!

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      I don’t know much about VBScript, but a link from the above site took me to:

      Create System Restore Points Quickly using Script in Windows 7 Vista and XP


      Thanks very much Steve. I have downloaded and installed two copies of the script:
      – one as downloaded for manually creating a Restore Point which I’ve put in the start menu, and
      – one modified as described on the page to not show the input box and use the description “Restore Point created on login”, which I’ve put in Startup.

      The only problem is that if the UAC is on it pops up every time the script is run! I’ve now used TweakUAC ( from http://www.tweak-uac.com/what-is-tweak-uac/) to put it in quiet mode.

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      This doesn’t answer the question of why restore points go missing, but it’s a VBS script that will create a daily restore point if you place it in the startup folder:


      This sounds like exactly what I would like to do, but the script says it is for Windows XP. Does anyone know if it will work in Windows 7, or of an alternative script for Windows 7?

      Peter Vincent

    Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)