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    • There is now an item about this on their site, reporting a hack of ghacks.

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      Have you considered just copying your entire Camera folder to your laptop, then culling out the photos that you don’t want. If you use FastStone, you can import the photos from your phone and select or organize them by date.

      Did you perchance move your memory card from your old phone to your Moto G6 without formatting it on the newer phone? The changing of the naming formats suggests a change in the Camera app being used. When I had phones that supported SD cards, I always formatted the card on the new phone and usually bought a new card for a new phone, preferring problem avoidance over problem-solving.

      Also, you may find this WD article on memory cards  useful.

      HTH. Regards, Phil

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      Do you have an SD card slot on your laptop? If so and if you have saved the microSD to SD adapter usually present when you bought the memory card, you could remove the card from the phone and read it directly.

      You appear to be using File Explorer to view your photos. My (infrequent) experience in downloading photos from the phone is that it is slow, cumbersome and error prone. The free  FastStone Image Viewer is an interesting tool for viewing, organizing and editing your photos.

      HTH. Regards, Phil

      Update: I had been using FastStone for organizing photos already downloaded. I just tried it out on downloading from my Pixel 6a phone with about 300 photos on its Camera file. It’s a lot friendlier than File Explorer.

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      Well, you could have a problem if/when the battery runs down completely. As a longtime laptop user, I still use Hibernate (sleep everything, save to disk and power off), which used to be used as a battery power fail-safe if set up properly. New machines with modern standby will sleep “very lightly” to act as much as possible like a very sensitive smartphone and respond rapidly to touch, network input to push an update, a Facebook notification, etc.

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      Glad to help. BTW, I see that Best Buy has similar interesting candidates in their advertised laptop sale.

      Happy hunting.

      Regards, Phil

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      I agree with the suggestion of getting another laptop, but think of desktop replacement rather than ultra-portable thin and light with a small screen that you already have in your XPS 9315.

      Today, I received an email from Staples advertising back-to-school deals on laptops. There were several potentially interesting candidates on offer with strong processors (Intel i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen 5/7) at least 16GB RAM, 512GB or 1TB SSD, 4 or more USB ports, HDMI port, WiFi and Bluetooth, 15-16″ FHD non-touch screen and even a couple with Ethernet port and SD-card reader. OEM suppliers include ASUS, HP, Acer, MSI and Lenovo. The price range of these machines is mid-range (around $1000 Cdn).

      My definition of a desktop replacement is a laptop whose home is on your desk, plugged into an AC socket. Its screen is quite readable, you use it with a mouse in preference to the touchpad and you may well plug an external monitor into its HDMI port. Its hardware components will meet a wide variety of current and future needs with enough headroom to last you several years.

      I have essentially described my daily driver – an ASUS TUF A15 Ryzen 7 4800H gaming laptop purchased in 3Q 2020. Our first purchase then was my wife’s machine, an HP Envy 15 X360 Ryzen 5 “convertible”, which shares some of the quirks and limitations of your XPS 9315. We have been using laptops only since 2004.

      Hope this helps.

      Regards, Phil

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      Well, from FF hamburger menu, > Bookmarks , selecting Manage bookmarks, then selecting from the resulting Library page Import and Backup, you have the listed choice Export Bookmarks to HTML …, which you should be able to use to export your bookmarks to an HTML file on your USB stick. I have used this approach in the past when migrating to a new system.

      Disclaimer: I’m using FF 115.0.3 on W10 22H2, but I would be surprised if the interface on Linux Mint would be markedly different.

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    • However, the trend of forced electrification of autos will save us. /s

    • There are more and more choices available. If you search the Home Depot web site for led bulbs, you will find that many of the items you listed are already available. (I agree that oven and microwave lights may be problematic, and some specialty bulbs (like G9) are larger than the originals and don’t fit in their fixtures.)

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    • Paul,

      Your statement regarding Bitlocker support in Windows Home is becoming less and less true. It is thinly disguised as Device encryption, as I discovered looking at Disk Management immediately after OOBE on a new HP X360 laptop in late 2020. (Fortunately, I had set up a local admin account.)

      Please see #post-2531620, which contains links to the Microsoft documentation on the subject.

      Regards, Phil

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      In your search for information, did you look on the Macrium website (macrium.com), under the heading Support, item Knowledgebase, which will take you to its extensive documentation. It may take you some time and reading, but it’s likely you will find your answers there.

      Hope this helps and good luck.

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      Do a web search on USB WiFi adapter.

    • areader,

      Since you have Gmail, you also have 15GB of Google Drive cloud storage as part of your Google account. This will permit you to email a link to your file stored on Google Drive.

      You can verify the space in your Google Drive by logging into your Gmail Inbox and scrolling to the bottom of the page, where you will see something like the following at the left side:


      You can click the square with the embedded arrow to see the details of the Drive usage. From your Gmail session, you can go into your Drive by clicking the dotted square (Google apps) to the right of the gear icon at the top right of your page. From there, you can upload your file and share its link, using Google Help for the details.

      Hope this helps.

      Regards, Phil

      P.S. BTW, the maximum Gmail attachment size is 20 MB.

    • Sorry about that. I reactivated Lock the taskbar on my system and agree that it appears to do nothing. I recall that sometime in the past, that it indeed locked the icons in place. The MS support article cited above claims that it is still supposed to lock the taskbar.

      However, MS may well have sidelined Lock the taskbar, as a locked taskbar would have been an inhibitor to their recent “dribbling” of wonderful innovations(?) such as News and Interests and Search Highlights.

      Regards, Phil

    • OK, I gave you the shortcut way to get to Lock the taskbar. Probably, like me, back when you first got Win 10, you probably read through the needed info to set things up.

      For the current situation, I suggest you take the time to review Taskbar controls by going to Settings –> Personalisation –> Taskbar which presents the documented version of taskbar setup. It also presents a web link to MS support “How do I customise taskbars?

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