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      Installed the December updates on my HP Home Win 10 22H2. Updated without incident and rebooted fine.

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      I never manually activated BitLocker.  When I saw it was on my computer I logged into my MS account and went to manage BitLocker Key.  I wanted the Key in case it ever got activated.   When I clicked on that link MS automatically uploaded a BitLocker Key.  I printed that Key keeping in safe place.  Went to check my device encryption and to my surprise BitLocker had been automatically activated.  I turned it OFF.  I do not know if it got activated from the Key printing or if it was the Windows update KB5012170.  I tend to believe it was the printing of the BitLocker Recovery Key that turned it on.  Only took about 15 minutes to decrypt once I turned it off.   Another issue with BitLocker turned ON is I read that in order for BIOS to update it will ask for the BitLocker Key  before BIOS will update.  Another reason for me to have it turned OFF.

      I guess it’s a two edged sword, if no Key exists and it gets accidently activated by say a Windows update and without a Key my computer would be locked.  I wasn’t happy it activated and turned on, but since it was activated I can now turn it off or on.  It’s off and I intend to keep it turned off.

      I can only speak to my recent experience and at least I know it’s turned off and if it ever gets accidently turned on and computer locked, I have the Key to unlock.


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      I have a HP Spectre 360 Convertible, 11th Gen.  I spoke with Best Buy where I purchased it and they said many new computers, Home Edition included are coming preloaded with BitLocker waiting to activate.  I did not know this when I purchased as I have never used nor want BitLocker.

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      Installed August updates with no issues.  BitLocker OFF.  No issues with KB5012170, CU KB5016606 update.

      FWIW.  For those with Win10 Home editions like me who believed they do not have BitLocker, I would suggest you might want to do a search of your computer to insure it’s not preloaded and sitting there waiting to be activated.  I found out to my surprise BitLocker was indeed on my new Win 10 Home Edition laptop. It was auto activated after I  searched my MS account for the Recovery Key.  It was not activated or turned on when I logged in to my MS account.  After MS uploaded the Key, I noticed BitLocker was turned on.  So much for MS info link in my Settings under Device Encryption that Bitlocker “is not available on Win 10 Home” being accurate.  I turned off BitLocker and have the Recovery Key.



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      I checked to see if I had BitLocker encryption option or enabled on my laptop.  It is not listed in my device encryption options under Control Panel>Systems & Security.  Also  under Security & Updates>Device Encryption the info link for BitLocker says BitLocker is not available for Win 10 Home Edition, which is what I have.  My device is protected by other device encryption which is turned on.

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      Thank you PKCano for your quick reply.

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      Hello, I have a question.  I am not tech savvy but know enough to get done what I need to do, sometimes.  I installed June updates without a problem.  KB5014699 downloaded and installed without any problems and internet works fine.  I see there is the Optional KB5014666 that contains the fix for the hotspot issue some are experiencing.

      Is is ok to install that optional update even though my June updates installed and working fine?  Will this fix in CU optional update be rolled into next month’s update?  I’m just looking for some direction on the Optional CU KB5014666.

      Thank you.

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      I am a consumer and installed May’s updates. No issues found and all installed successfully nothing broken. I am running HP Home, Win10,  21H/2.

    • So forgive me for asking but what’s the issue with Secure Boot and what is the KB number?  I am a home user using Win 10 Home Edition/2004 and I come here for help with my PC .  I have limited computer skills but can understand some things.  It used to be that Ask Woody was for the benefit of helping those less knowledgeable than technies but  could find help and solutions. I hope that has not changed.

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      Thank you Alex.  I may wait a week or two then unless it’s critical we update now.

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      Alex, if I install Flash update, all the other WU that are deferred will also install.  All are being deferred presently.  So are you saying it’s safe to install Febr updates?

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      I am on 2004 with WU deferred.    If I resume click on resume updates to get this update that removes Flash, it will download and install all Febr updates. Is that is what being recommended NOW because of Flash?   I recall several weeks ago reading we could remove Flash manually or wait until the update came out that would remove it automatically.  I chose to wait for auto removal.  Is there a risk waiting another week to update and remove Flash?


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      I am currently on Win 1909 on HP Laptop Home Edition.  Has anyone upgraded to Win 2004 without major problems?  I just installed the Sept updates without any issues.   How long will 2004 be offered for download via automatic update?  I use my computer for home use and nothing loaded onto it so no programs to interfere with it.

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      I have had this issue in  past updates where the pending new version offer disappeared after installing current month updates however it did come back after a few days or a week after computer checked for updates.  I did not check, “check for updates”.  It did reappear after a little while.  Give it a few days.

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      Yes EP, sorry transposed the numbers. Thanks for catching.

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