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      Finally found out what was causing bios freezing and was not M / B. It turned out to be a game controller plugged in to a USB hub. Re plugged it into a direct USB and problem disappeared. Should have tried all usb externals instead of just the ones directly plugged to computer but made a mistake. Hope this helps anyone else with similar issues.

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      Of course modern m/b will come w/ Uefis and that certainly allows for mouse input, in some parts it may even be required, not sure about that. I would reseat connectors especially power supply and possible cpu and while at it RAM. That said the prognosis is not encouraging. BTW what is the M/B model ?


      The M/B model is Asus Sabertooth Z77 with an Intel i7 3770. Have change battery although old one still reading 3.2 volts.. This is very hard to do on this mobo as it hidden under he tough plate so have to remove M/B completely. It made no difference even after resetting cmos before refitting a new battery. It allowed me just enough time in bios to set time and date and boot order before crashing after second boot into bios. Beginning to think M/B faulty and have ordered a replacement.

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      Thanks Jean.
      Already done that to get bios to even be accessible. Now accessible but curser and mouse stop working (freezing) after a short while. it sees mouse and keyboard at first but suddenly freezes so have to do a hard reboot.
      Have tried different mouse and keyboard but they all have same problem so unlikely to be faulty.

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      The Asus Sabertooth board does not have PS2 ports only USB. So cannot use them. Also found the Legacy options in bios and they are already set to Legacy. Am thinking of re-flashing bios with same version in case something has corrupted, but with this freezing problem am worried that if it does it at wrong moment could brick my board.

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      Have managed to get mouse/keyboard working for a short time in bios but not able to find where this legacy option is. Any idea what menu option I can go to before freezes?

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      It think it needs Microsoft accounts as it is a Microsoft mail service

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      If you did an image backup before upgrade then can use that to restore back. Make sure you make a bootable restore disc so can restore before windows loads.

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      The only way know is to re-install the update and see. If the problem ret urns then un-install the update again and don’t let it reinstall again. You could try running ‘SFC /Scannow’ in admin command prompt to see if it finds anything it can fix.

    • you could install the program called ‘everything’ this will find anything that has iTunes in it and allow you to uninstall it.


    • Do you have any third party virus checkers installed such as Avast?

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      Not sure if I should post this in a new thread or not but I’ll try this one since it’s related.
      My girlfriends computer is win 7 Pro 64bit and I kept it backed up with a USB 3.0 external drive. I wanted to get a file off of the USB 3 drive so I tried to hook it up to my old win 7 Pro 32bit computer which only has USB 2.0. I used the USB 3 cable that came with the external drive which is supposed to be compatible with USB 2.
      The external drive does NOT show up in windows explorer but if I go to computer management/disk manager it shows the drive fine there.
      Why doesn’t it show up in windows explorer?

      In Computer management does it show a drive letter? If not right click the drive and choose change drive letter and choose one from the drop down list.

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      I downloaded the iso file and burned it to a DVD using ImgBurn. The installation process seemed to progress without a hitch, but just when I thought all the stages had completed I got a message saying “Your PC ran into a problem….”. The message disappeared too quickly for me to see the rest, something I hate. I tried again and the same thing happened. The third time I redownloaded the iso file and burned it to a DVD again, this time remembering to turn off my antivirus program, but the same thing happened again.

      Can anyone explain how I can install the OS successfully?

      Apart from the above, I have a folder named $SysReset on the C drives of my Win 7 and Win 8.1 SSD’s. The Win 7 folder was created, I believe, when I recently reinstalled the OS, and the Win 8.1 folder as a result of the failed attempts to install the Win 10 Technical Preview. Can I safely delete these folders?

      After each failure the previous Win 8.1 installation was restored, but I chose to then restore a Macrium Reflect image backup made immediately before the failed Win 10 installation.

      Advice would be appreciated.

      Thanks and regards, Roy

      Win 10 Preview often does not play well with third party virus checkers. best to unistall any virus checker before installation. Avast is one such program that win 10 will not allow to install. It is still better to do a clean install to a blank partition/drive than to do an upgrade install (in my opinion)

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      Thanks RetiredGeek & jwitalka.
      The MS article did point me to the problem but did not tell me how to change the DEP profile from 1 to 2. The fixit did not fix it.
      But thanks any way for your good suggestions.

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      Thanks for your response Jerry. I tried that several days ago and it ran for exactly 3 minutes. And the more I read the more I believe upgrading the BIOS wouldn’t make the problem disappear anyway. Oh well…

      Have you tied replacing the memory as this can also cause shutdowns. If there are more than one stick of memory try removing one at a time and seeing if shutdowns resolve.

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      As Joe asked if using ‘Shift+Delete’ then file will be permanently deleted should use only ‘delete’ to put it into bin.
      Also if recycle bin is nearly full or full it often will ask if you want to permanently delete to save deleting any files still in bin.
      Try emptying bin and checking recycle bin size to see if there is enough storage allowed.

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