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      Never mind – this is apparently the virus definition updates.  Usually have kept them current by downloading manually so hadn’t seen them come thru with the monthly updates before.

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      I’m still with Windows 7 and decided to check for updates and see what would show up. In addition to the expected Malicious Software Removal Tool another important update appeared: KB915597 – Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus.  Never seen anything like this before come through.  Is it safe to install?

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      Made on typo on the prior message.  The additional update I am being offered is KB2524752.  What is this and is it ok to install?

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      Win 7, Group A here.  In addition to the October roll up and KB4474419, and I being offered a checked Windows 7 Update KB 4522452.  Is this last one ok to install?

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      I installed the new definition update and everything is working fine now.


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      Win 7, 64 bit non techie Group A here. Last week I installed KB41000480 and KB4099950. The March roll-up was never offered and I would not have installed it even if it had been. I’ve seen some discussion about KB4099467, which I have never been offered either. Today, I was offered the April roll-up (which I will hold off on until Woody gives the ok) but not offered KB4099467 again. Is KB4099467 something that I should be installing? Thanks for all the help and guidance!

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    • Non-technie user here so I really appreciate all the guidance and advice from Woody, PK and everyone on here!  I recall reading about a rebooting problem for Win  7, 64-bit machines with Haswell processors (which I have) after application of the January patches.  Has this issue been resolved?

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      Win 7, Group A.  Only installed the Nov. Security Monthly Rollup for Windows 7. No problems noted.  MSRT was under Important but unchecked so did not install . Under Important AND checked was KB2952664.  Did not install this – was I correct in understanding that this is a snooping patch and not recommended to be installed?

      Have not installed any of the Netframe updates since August, I believe, since there were reported problems with the Sept. updates.  Are these safe to install now? If so, do I need to install all of them or is the latest November update cumulative and include the Sept. & Oct. updates?  Thanks in advance!  The info I find here is always invaluable!

    • Applied the April patches this morning following Woody’s guidelines and no problems noted!

    • Thank you for your prompt reply!

    • Thank you for all the great info, Woody!  For a somewhat computer illiterate like myself, your info is invaluable!  I am running Windows 7 and before installing the April patches, I wanted to make sure I won’t get hit with the no more windows updates allowed.  I ran Speccy like you suggested, and under the CPU (is that the right place to look?) it shows: Intel Core I3 4160 @3.60Ghz and Haswell 22mm Technology.  Would it be safe to run the patches without being blocked from further Window updates?   Thanks!

    • Any feedback yet whether it’s still taking hours and much CPU useage for the updates to be located for Win 7?

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 2: Get patched, and turn off Automatic Updates #32370

      In the Infoworld article, you suggested for Win 7 to have the update settings at “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” or “Never check for updates (not recommended).” Here you’re suggesting just the latter. Is there a reason for the difference?

      I currently have it at Check but let me choose whether to install. Should I change it?

      Thank you for all your very fine insight and reccommendations!

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