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      Building on what Brocktoon stated, that the update was for the HEVC video extension (I can’t confirm).  Without much digging you find the video extension does not install by default but must be installed via the store.  So, for those of us with the store blocked, we don’t need it because we never installed that app from the store, right?  I’ll run this by my TAM, will also be interesting what Qualys comes up with as a detection method.  Will report if I find anything.

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    • in reply to: March 2018 Patch Tuesday #175537

      I’ve been interested in this too.  Earlier months the “Windows Next” updates were labled as TEST, but these look official.  My assumption would be they apply to 1803 which has probably been locked down at this point.

      Looking at the update details, some have links that go to dummy pages (KB4087657), one is a Server Next update (KB4087658), but the page is about a compatibility update for Win 10 1803 upgrade.  I’m going to guess the veil will be removed when 1803 drops.

    • Has anyone encountered the update, when managing via WSUS or SCCM, who has the Dual Scan issue disabled?  If there is a separate update channel via Upgrade Assistant I would expect it to run independent of the update management.

      Also of concern is “Protection from Security Threats” we’re not getting in 1703, are they referring to Device Guard, Application Guard, ATP, etc.?

    Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)