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    • I still havent downloaded this months patches. I always sit back and wait. Just wondered what was subtly installed into peoples computers with anyone knowing. While they expected was a needed patch due to some big threats that never surfaced. Instead was probably more snoop junk

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      Why even download updates anymore. They issue updates that only create chaos then issue updates they claim will fix it. I see if we only update the actual software updates needed for the PC’s we might be better off huh. Why put up with the drama with MS trying to make themselves still needed when in fact they have became obsolete.

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    • Kb2952664 & kb2976978 will never go away. I do believe its the intentions of Microsloth to have everybody on windows 10, eventually. And the problems 10 has, i dont want no part of. My gut is saying that one day many of us will go to our pc’s one morning and find it changed over. Thats why i reactivated my GWx control panel again. A little extra protection wont hurt.

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      How do i upload a photo for my account. I clicked edit and even the picture block but nothing happens?

    • As like many others, we wait for the go ahead to install october security updates. But i still have september security Updates waiting for download. Would it be wise to go ahead and install those while we wait for the results for october updates. Im in B group

    • Thanks Woody, i always check here first for your observations and others opinions..

    • If you want control as i do, then dont upload any updates. I havent in nearly in 5-6 months. Only uploaded security updates but the latest applied to win 10. I feel that many updates actually create problems needing more updates to fix it. I watch for specific cleared ok updates for my system if needed. But why download if i dont have issues and how can i trust an update to prevent issues? You cant

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      Thank ya’ll very much. Glad theres people like you guys out there

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      For users of windows 8.1, are we now just in idle mode. Cause all the new updates mostly aim towards windows 10 and feeding its spyware. Its been atleast 2 months since i downloaded my last security update i felt safe to install. I still have 25 security updates listed for download on WU and a few are just triggers for windows 10. PC still running fine. I follow your site daily but now the postings are about windows 7 or 10. Has windows 8.1 users sort of felled through the cracks lol

    • Majority if not ALL of the updates mentioned on wu.krelay.de site are either fishy or are windows 10 upgrade preparations. Always research before taking someones word on something…

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      Woody,upon reviewing your info about all the corrupt updates. I realized that I had many on my pc that I couldn’t get rid of. It was acting a little funny so I did a factory reinstall, and from windows 8.1 it reverted to windows 8. Recently I was able to upgrade back to 8.1 but being careful of which updates I allow. My questions are there any updates safe to download and install? I realize now that MS creates chaos in order to implement an update to correct. Mostly the only gain made is them getting more control over our computers.Would it be wise to only have security updates and load certain windows updates only when we have certain pc issues? I don’t want win 10, but I still want the pc to run at peak performance

    Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)