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    • Which release? 1511, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1906? How many versions are there? Don’t fool yourself into thinking there’s only one WinX. I posit there are more versions of WinX floating around than XP, Vista, and 7 combined.

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      I’ll use this opportunity to thank you once again and always for the effort you put into this site – you and your MVP’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      I am in no way put off by the issues the site has been having. Always look forward to your entries and forum responses.


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      I’d like to say thanks, but I feel as if a kindly old doctor just informed me I have cancer and have less than 3 years to live. Party On!!!

      It’s the Linux life for me.

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      Neither Win7 nor Classic Shell automatically update every week/month/quarter/half-year/…whenever MS issues a Beta-fix. And unlike WinX, those programs leave the updating choice to me.

      I wish that Windows X allowed multiple UI’s – much as Linux does. I know, some will say ‘just get Linux!’. And they have a point. My choice is to stay with Word 2003 – the version I like and provides maximum production – for me. I use Classic Shell – obviously because I choose that shell over the MS design that combines the worst of desktop and phone OS’s – IMHO.

      So, MS could go a long ways towards recapturing my consumer loyalty if it were to offer selectable UI’s on both OS and production software. I would put up with constant updates if I could maintain a modicum of continuity with regards to the part of the software I see. I appreciate their effort to improve security, and to maybe pioneer new methods of increasing productivity. But why must they foreclose on existing methods – my methods?

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      I can’t think of anybody who ‘wants’ to run Win 10 either. I know many that ‘must’ run it. Thank goodness for choice in browsers. Now if we only had choice in OS user interfaces.

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    • I think…maybe…yes. Why not? I’m going to download the ‘Live’ version this week and try it on my WinX machine.

    • The reason we got 8, 8.1, and X is MS’s fixation on adapting a phone interface to a desktop OS. This was a big mistake, and an effort that MS continues to make. The only way the phone interface on a desktop OS makes sense is if you have an ecosystem of hardware. (remember a few  years ago when ‘ecosystem’ was a real buzzword?) MS started the Surface line to participate in the Tablet craze. Then they mutilated/mutated their Win 7 user interface, alienating many. No phone. Middling success with the Surface line. Dismal Desktop user interface.

      Bottom line, MS is making more money than ever – selling services. They don’t need the consumer segment any longer. The only question is the rate of X adoption by business as Win 7 EOL approaches.

      I still think it is a perfect time for some entrepeneur to develop a simpler, more stable consumer OS.

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    • Woody, can’t bring myself to mezzo-grade from 1511 to 1709. Have to admit I’m tempted, but will definitely wait at least a month. Still conducting my experiment – will MS force an upgrade on me? Then it occurred that there are two sides to that coin – they force me to change versions – and/or they prohibit me from changing versions later, effectively stranding me. All I want is stability – predictability. I want the machine to fade away and my work to remain – read Noel (October 27, 2017 at 10:37 am) – he says it so elegantly and passionately. Thanks for bringing some sanity to the WINX world.

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      Don’t forget, ChromeOS, Chrome, and all cloud based platforms ASSUME that you have internet access – the faster the better. You have to start with that. And if they’ve made some allowance to be out of internet connection temporarily, they still ASSUME that you will reconnect often enough to maintain their primary use model.

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      3 days in a row I’ve received ‘Intel Corporation – System – 6/23/2017 12:00:00 AM – 30.100.1725.1 when running WUSHOWHIDE. I hid it each time. I certainly don’t know what it does – there is no explanation and a web search returns nothing. Not gonna allow it to be installed. But it is interesting that a four month old hardware driver update refuses to go away quietly. Who is pushing this stuff?

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      Deep in the referenced article is the source I found most useful – https://www.computerworld.com/article/2893364, a very useful little quiz ‘if Chrome OS makes sense for you’.

      And I share the question regarding the different standards for Google & Microsoft. Is there really a difference in privacy between the two OS suppliers? If not, why does it feel as if there is? For me the question is: Why do I object to MS spying on me while happily writing this in Chrome?

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      Running 1511, sitting comfortably watching all you scramble. Not exactly entertaining, but not boring either. I just received KB4033631. I know it’s not the first time.

      So as I previously said, it is interesting to see MS applying pressure to mezzo-grade. Mezzo-grade is my term for something between down grading and up grading. What have you been doing lately?

      Clarifying my terms for accepting bits from my current OS vendor:
      1. Accept security updates/features on my terms and my schedule
      2. Won’t install anything for my OS without a clear statement of its purpose/capabilities/changes to my system/estimate of benefits/risk assessment
      3. Will pay $ to help OS vendor meet conditions 1 & 2.
      4. I reserve the right to hold a grudge against current OS vendor until 1 annual update to OS after they come to their senses.


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      Just got hit by 4023057 again – 19 Oct 2017. That makes three times I’ve used WUSHOWHIDE to hide it, and four times MS tries to ram it down my throat. I wonder what is so important to MS inside of 4023057 that justifies in their mind over ruling the express wishes of the machine owner?

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      Not getting security updates does not overly bother me. I consider the havoc MS visits on my system to be the greater security threat. I’m an experiment. Just as some clung to XP, I am pausing on 1511. Just as many are now holding onto 7, I”m pausing on 1511. I’ll move when I decide to move. MS could make that easier by ending the forced upgrade anti-consumer madness. It’s my machine. I’ll live with the consequences of my decisions. I choose not to accept the consequences of MS’s decisions.

      Fair enough?

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      I run 1511, with no intention of mezzo-grading. I’ve hidden 4023057 three times over the past several months. I run wushowhide every day to intercept the MS malware. It will be interesting to see what effort MS will go to force me to change versions of Windows 10.

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