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      What do you gain by updating? What is the largest downside? Store your data in the cloud or update daily to a thumb/external HD. Then if a bad nasty gets you you’re out what?

      Why do we all (save me, no, save me!) act like lemmings when it comes to updates? Especially now with the quality of MS updates?

      Don’t update it is my advice. Turn off automatic updates. Maybe let it tell you what is out there as far as updates go. You could cherry pick if you really can’t kick the habit.

      I’m serious.


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      I most certainly understand your POV, and legally you opinion sounds valid if not outright attractive. I’m cheering for you. In the meantime, just exactly what/which data of yours on your computer is MS helping itself to? That’s my point – we don’t know and MS won’t tell us. Nor will they allow us to simply opt out. I share your distaste and indignation. I feel helpless to do anything about it except to change my computing paradigm by switching platforms.

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      My point is that no $ changed hands directly between MS and myself. I paid Lenovo for the computer. I knew it had an OS on it, and I knew that OS was WinX. I have no knowledge of the arrangements Lenovo and MS have for placing the MS OS on Lenovo hardware. The other OS choices I had when buying new hardware were Apple and Linux. I understand that MS no longer makes much if any $ from sales of Windows. They make their money from the enterprise services they sell, and from the information harvested from Windows users that they sell to…?

    • You ceded your authority when you agreed to the EULA. Want it back? Stop using Windows. The only way MS will let you use Windows (legally) is if you agree to their EULA. Otherwise the only alternatives you have are Apple and Linux.

    • I did not give MS $ for WinX. Nor will I. I bought a computer from Lenovo. Lenovo paid MS an undisclosed amount of $ to provide WinX on their computers. Thus to use my Lenovo computer out of the box I have to agree to a software use licensing agreement with MS (the EULA). Remember, in this day of the internet and information harvesters, if it’s free, you are the product. MS sells my information that the license agreement gives them the right to harvest from my Lenovo computer, and any other information I store (OneDrive) on their computers. As I said in an earlier post, I don’t want to be in that group of people that sells themselves.

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      That’s what I suspect too. I’m staying on 1511 as an experiment – to see if MS will actually force an upgrade. First they will demonstrate that they have the capability. Second the will. Third they will demonstrate the contempt they have for this virtual customer (virtual customers are users of their software wherein no transfer of $ occurs in the procurement or maintenance of said software). Ain’t science great!

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      Somehow I’ve managed to avoid updates beyond 1511. I use WUSHOWHIDE religiously. I keep my network connection set to metered. I use Spybot Anti-Beacon and shut down almost every option it presents. I understand that 1511 is out of support – so what?

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      Don’t be cruel. Things move plenty fast in the Windows world and it’s not easy to keep up. Trust is necessary, yet hard to generate let alone maintain. Everyone simply wants a good computing experience – for the computer and OS to recede and information to flow.

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      In one sense resistance is futile – eventually my hardware will die and force replacement. That will usher in the latest version of WinX. Can’t take 1511 with me. Of course I know I can’t stay on 1511 forever – and I don’t want to. I’m merely trying to control my own computing experience. I’ll resist as long as it is profitable for me to do so. As my Dad always said – Anything taken to an extreme is ridiculous. That goes both ways MS.

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      Still fat and sassy on 1511. But WU shows me 4023057 at least once per month. I talked about it here a while back. I use WUSHOWHIDE to hide it, it is hidden, until…it pops up again. I interpret this to MS’s way of forcing an upgrade. The info on the update says it is for update reliability. Them’s code words to me. Code that the enemy, my former ally, is storming my computing gates and wants to do nasty unbidden things to my computing experience. I continue to run WUSHOWHIDE daily blocking just about everything. I update Windows Defender manually everyday at the same time. Love/tolerate 1511. At least it’s a known for the time being. Will upgrade on my schedule unless MS does something really underhanded. Vigilance!

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      I keep an old Office 2000 CD around just in case. That was the last version that didn’t require activation or any other interference from MS. It still works.

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    • Yeah, my 1511 home doesn’t ‘qualify’ for the fix – yet?

    • Have never used – Task View (and soon, Timeline)

      Don’t know how this benefits me – DirectX 12

      Don’t use my computer for gaming – Game mode (DVR, Xbox game streaming)

      Disabled as much as I can. These functions send private information to MS without my consent or ability to control. I don’t want to sync information with a smart phone since my work supplies that function and I can’t mix work and personal functions. – Cortana and ability to sync information with smartphones

      This might be a useful OS function, but I don’t know how to access it – Notifications Center (more unified notifications)

      Good OS function – Built in protection against crypto malware

      OS tracks searches and sends that information to MS where they use it to generate revenue without cutting me in on the revenue stream. Intrusive, violation of privacy. Use Everything (www.voidtools.com) instead – Better OS search

      Don’t know what this is or how it benefits me – Ability to use RDP with more than 1 monitor

      Useful collaboration with Adobe – Built in PDF printer

      Don’t use it or need it – Built in SSH server and client (implementation of OpenSSH out of the box)

      Useful OS function – Window snapping to quadrants instead of only halfs or whole monitors

      Thanks for your response. I hope others add their response to these and other WinX functions, both pro and con. Maybe Microsoft is listening to us customers that don’t individually contribute to their revenue stream.

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    • I don’t agree with your assessment of Noel’s assertion. I’ll repeat what I wrote Oct 30:

      “The reason we got 8, 8.1, and X is MS’s fixation on adapting a phone interface to a desktop OS. This was a big mistake, and an effort that MS continues to make. The only way the phone interface on a desktop OS makes sense is if you have an ecosystem of hardware. (remember a few  years ago when ‘ecosystem’ was a real buzzword?) MS started the Surface line to participate in the Tablet craze. Then they mutilated/mutated their Win 7 user interface, alienating many. Now? No phone. Middling success with the Surface line. Dismal Desktop user interface.

      Bottom line, MS is making more money than ever – selling services. They don’t need the consumer segment any longer. The only question is the rate of X adoption by business as Win 7 EOL approaches.”

      Please list the advantages you see in WinX over 7 or 8.x. If you can’t then Noel is right. I myself do not avail myself of any of the ‘advanced’ features of X – no OneDrive, no App Store, I use Office 2003 (because it works for me), and I’m still on 1511 – not having to go through the manipulations of MS and their beta/update process. I use 1511 as much like XP or 7 as I can – Noel is even better at ratcheting down all of the phone/cloud c*** MS added to the OS. That stuff doesn’t belong in the OS! The OS is supposed to manage the hardware and launch programs. The OS, in my humble opinion, is not for managing my life and serving MS with clicks and the revenue they derive from them.

      Thank you for listening. Woody, I’m sorry if you conclude that this response would more properly have fit in the Rants section.


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    • This is the report from the Intel tool (SA-00086)

      Tool Started 12/12/2017 4:12:31 PM
      Name: DESKTOP-PDS3L34
      Manufacturer: LENOVO
      Model: 80R3
      Processor Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30GHzOS
      Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
      Status: This system is vulnerable.
      Tool Stopped

      I then went to the Lenovo site and tried to find my model. Near as I can tell Lenovo agrees that my system is vulnerable, but has no remedy as of today.


      I repeat, do I even need this malware, er sorry, management software on my computer?


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