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      I use EaseUS Todo Backup Professional on my two desktops and laptop.  Every Sunday morning at 12:00AM EaseUS is set to take a full image backup of C: drive on each machine.  With every EaseUS release I create a WinPE disk.  Every month before installing the monthly Windows updates I use EaseUS to create a clone of my C: drive.  Have booted into the WinPE disk and restored fine and booted into the clone fine.

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      I have read the various posts concerning KB5012170 and am not sure what to do.  Do I need to or have to install KB5012170?  I do not use Bitlocker and don’t have a Bitlocker key.

      Since I don’t use Bitlocker, is KB5012170 safe to install?   Will it enable Bitlocker upon the install boot and not boot?  Are there any other issues with KB5012170 to be concerned about?

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      I built a PC with Ryzen 7 3700x and ASUS Prime X570-Pro.  I ran the PC Health Check to check for Windows 11 compatibility.  It came back and said I need TPM 2.0.

      I went into BIOS and AMD fTPM is set to Discreet TPM. It seems that I need to change the setting to Firmware TPM.

      Is it safe to change the setting?  What does changing from Discreet TPM to Firmware TPM do?  I do not use BitLocker and am concerned about encryption.


      Not sure what to do.


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      Have a question.  According to WuMgr KB5000802 is 102.81 GB.  When KB5001649 came out it was 102.82 GB.  KB5001649 has since been replaced with KB5000842 at 103.03 GB.

      The Catalog version of KB5001649 is 446 MB.  The recommendation is to install KB5001649 instead of KB5000802.  With such a great discrepancy in size between the original KB5001649 and the Catalog version of KB5001649, what is missing from the Catalog KB5001649 (446 MB) versus the original KB5001649 (102 GB) or KB5000802 (102 GB)?

      Do I install KB5000802, then install the Catalog KB5001649 or do I just install the Catalog KB5001649 and not install KB5000802?

    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 3: Patching is unclear #2353081

      I want to make sure I understand.  You are recommending that I install KB5001649 instead of KB5000802?


      This was supposed to be a reply to PKCano #2353027

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      I received KB4577586 (both 1909 and 2004).  It showed up when doing a routine wushowhide.  I hid it.  Do I install it (is it safe to install) or do I keep it forever hidden?

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    • in reply to: Win7 ESU License purchasing now open #2326520

      I meant the installation instructions.  Susan’s instructions from last year:

      • Open an elevated command window (enter cmd into the Windows search box and select the “Run as administrator” option).
      • At the prompt, type in slmgr /ipk [full key]” and click Enter. (Replace [full key] with the complete ESU key number.)

      Be patient: eventually a screen will pop up indicating that the key was properly entered

      • Back at the prompt, enter slmgr /dlv and click Enter; this will go out and acquire the given activation key.

      Again, be patient: each step takes some time. After a pause, a screen will pop up indicating that the key is ready for activation.

      • In that same screen, look for the Activation ID. It should be 77db037b-95c3-48d7-a3ab-a9c6d41093e0. (For the first year, all ESU setups will have that same number.)
      • Final step: Back in the command window, enter slmgr /ato 77db037b-95c3-48d7-a3ab-a9c6d41093e0 — another window should pop up, stating an activation was successful.


      This year the activation id will be different?

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      Are the instructions for installing Year2 ESU the same as Year1 instructions that Susan provided?

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      I have Year 1 ESU.  After requesting Year 2 license from Harbor and receiving the key, are the instructions for activating the Year 2 ESU the same as for Year 1 per Susan’s instructions?

    • Win 10 1909 Pro .NET KB4569751 causing continual crashes and reboots.
      I would put this as a separate thread topic but don’t know how to do that.  Sorry for this being long but want to give details.


      Have Win 10 1909 Pro.  Installed KB4565351 and KB4569751.  On 08/28 I installed KB4565351 first (build 18363.1016) then KB4570723 .NET (didn’t catch that KB4569751 had been replaced by KB4570723).  System began crashing and rebooting.  System would stay up for just a few minutes before crashing/rebooting.  Did this multiple times.  Have had issues with .NET patches in the past so I suspected the crashing and rebooting may be due to KB4570723.  I uninstalled KB4570723 and .NET was back to KB4565633 and system was stable again, no more crashes.


      I then went to the Catalog and downloaded and installed KB4569751.  System began crashing and rebooting again.  I uninstalled KB4569751 putting .NET back to KB4565633 and system was stable again.


      Today, 09/05 Windows Update showed KB4569751 as pending install.  Did not want to install it and wushowhide did not show it to be hidden.  But, I thought since KB4570723 was replaced by KB4569751 that the crashing may have been fixed.  So I installed KB4569751 and the system began crashing and rebooting again, only staying up a few minutes each time.  I uninstalled KB4569751 putting .NET back to KB4565633.  System is stable again.  No issues with July .NET KB4565633.


      I cannot find anything in the event logs that indicates the reason for the system crashing.  Is it hardware?  Software?  Wushowhide is empty, nothing to hide.  I’m not sure but I suspect when Windows Update runs again that KB4569751 will again show up as pending download.  Wushowhide will not show it to hide.  So how do I get rid of it when it shows up again in Windows Update.


    • in reply to: New Win7 Extended Security Updates licensing package #2285449

      Thanks.  I downloaded KB4575903 from the Microsoft Update Catalog and installed it.

    • I checked Settings and Windows Update ran on its own about 45 minutes ago and since I hid KB4562900, it does not show up and there are no updates to download.  I am up to date according to Windows Update.  Build info is 1909 18363.959

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    • in reply to: New Win7 Extended Security Updates licensing package #2285431

      Although I built a new Win10 desktop and put it into service a week ago, there is nothing wrong with my 6-year old Win7 machine it replaced.  At this point I do not plan to put it out to pasture and am considering getting as much mileage out of it as possible which will include purchasing a year-2 ESU license and perhaps year-3.  When the time comes, will you publish year-2 ESU instructions?

    • Question. I hid KB4562900.  This .NET preview will be replaced with the actual .NET rollup in August which I assume will be ok to install then.  Both won’t be available for install will they, just the actual Aug .NET?  Should I just let it ride and wait for when the ok is given to install the Aug patches when that day comes.


      I am on Pro. Reading KB2000013.  Windows Update service (wuauserv) is Manual (Trigger Start).  Windows Update Properties says Startup type: Manual, Service status: Stopped


      A bit confused.  Reading KB2000013.  wuauserv says the service is already Manual and Stopped.  wushowhide says KB4562900 is hidden.

    • So I should let Windows Update run on it’s own schedule to check for updates to clear the queue (assuming nothing else shows up then) or is it safe to run check for updates myself now to clear the queue.  The only other update in wushowhide is a Silverlight update KB4481252 but it does not show up in Windows Update, only KB4562900 does.  Should I hide KB4481252 also?

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