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    • I hid it via wushowhide.  So the next time Windows Update runs, it will not show up?

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      According to Gunter’s article, KB4575903 is for Enterprise users of Windows 7 SP1. Microsoft’s article does not specifically mention Enterprise which seems to indicate that Professional is included also.  Does KB4575903 apply to Professional? And, is it ok to install?

    • I have group policy set per Section 4 of KB2000016.  I checked Settings to see if anything showed up and KB4562900 is pending download.  Since it is a preview, should I hide it?

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      For Win 7 ESU, is KB4561643 safe to install?

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      I have Win7 ESU.  I installed KB4538483 on 02/12/2020.  Do I need to install it again?

    • I have Win 7 ESU.  Is KB4550964 ok to install?

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      Updated 3 machines with both KB’s.

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      I have Win7 ESU.  Is KB4540688 ok to install?

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      I purchased 3 ESU licenses using the form created by Amy and Ted.  Upon receiving an email from Ted which included the product key and the Office 365 admin credentials for the user account they set up, I successfully installed and activated the ESU product key on 2 machines using Susan’s instructions outlined in the 12/23 AskWoody Plus Newsletter.  Will do the 3rd machine later.  I also went to the Office 365 Admin Portal using the supplied credentials.  Thanks Susan, Amy, and Ted.

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      What is the process to purchase?  Will your step-by-step article be published soon?

    • Reporting my patching experience.  1 laptop Win 7  x64 and 1 desktop Win 7 x64.  I always update my laptop first to see if any problems arise.

      On Oct 3, after Defcon went to 3, I updated my laptop.
      KB4474419, reboot;
      KB4516065, reboot;
      KB4514602, reboot.
      Then KB4516655 showed up.
      KB4516655, reboot.

      No problems.

      Had planned to update the desktop on Saturday, Oct 5.  This morning, Oct 4, as I do every morning while eating breakfast before going to work I came here to see the latest and read one poster’s comment that his September patches had disappeared and were replaced with KB4524157.  So I looked and sure enough so were mine.  He said he hid KB4524157 and the September patches re-appeared.

      So I hid KB4524157 and my September patches re-appeared.  I then patched my desktop in the same sequence as the laptop.

      KB4474419, reboot;
      KB4516065, reboot;
      KB4514602, reboot.
      Then KB4516655 showed up.
      KB4516655, reboot.
      Un-hid KB4524157.

      No problems.  Posting this from desktop.

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    • For Win 7 x64 is KB4054530 (.NET 4.7.2) safe to install? I leave it checked every month ever since it came out in 07/2018.  Some months ago a friend installed it on a laptop and she lost all internet connectivity so I uninstalled it for her.  I haven’t installed it on any of my Win 7 machines. Is there any need to upgrade to 4.7.2?  I have 4.6.1.

    • I’m running Win 7 Pro x64.  Running Windows Firewall.  In the Inbound Rules, Remote Desktop (TCP-In) and Remote Desktop – RemoteFX (TCP-In) are both Enabled ‘N0’.

      Does this mean that Remote Desktop is not exposed to the internet?

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      Can it be possible to just upload a picture (.jpg) to your profile?

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    • Also, another observation if I may.  There are three groups of people on this site looking for guidance – Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.  I am Win 7.  I think there needs to be some delineation among the three groups.  Patching instructions and DEFCON seem to bunch everyone together and it is unclear which group is being addressed which can be confusing.  My machines are Win 7.  I have no interest in Win 8 or Win 10.  I come here for instructions and guidance for Win 7.  The waters get really muddy at times when a thread is not specific to one OS and you’re trying to figure out which OS is being discussed, sometimes all three OS’s are in a thread and sometimes even Linux or Mac.  You have to read a long thread and pick out what is pertinent to your OS.  And even then, there are different views.

      Your post above, #227048 is a bit troubling (no idea about Win 7 updates).  What then am I to do?  I gather from other posts that 3177467 v2 is needed and seems safe to install.  That is the only patch that has been offered for a couple of weeks.  And that 4462923 will not be offered until I install 3177467 v2.  I wait until the Saturday before Patch Tuesday to patch provided DEFCON is 3 or higher

      Perhaps this site has grown beyond one-size-fits-all and needs to be more granular so as to not be so confusing at times.

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