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    • Both the October monthly rollup and .NET rollup went away several days ago on both of my Win 7 Pro 64-bit machines.  Replaced with KB3177467 v2 on both machines.  That’s the only update listed.  I installed KB3177467 v1 on 09/12/2018 on one machine based on advice/recommendations here.  Not sure why it wasn’t.  V1 was installed on the other machine on 07/23/2017.

      It looks like I will not get any further updates until I install KB3177467 v2.  Some say to install it, some say to wait because of DEFCON-1.  I wait until the weekend before Patch Tuesday to install patches, provided we’re at least at DEFCON-3.

      So, while waiting for Nov. 3 or so, provided DEFCON is at least 3, is it safe to say that someone will give the all-clear to install KB3177467 v2 and that it is safe?  So I can get the October rollups provided the October rollups are safe?

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      The last monthly update I installed was February’s Rollup KB4074598 on 03/06 after DEFCON 3 was issued. Per instructions I installed KB4100480 on 04/01 and KB4099950 on 04/07 in preparation for KB4093118.  I did not install KB4093118 because of its issues.

      Now it seems I need to uninstall KB4099950 and re-install it.

      Can someone please advise.  Do I uninstall KB4099950 and reboot?  Then do I run Windows Update and will it find KB4099950 again?  Or (I have downloaded the two files from the Catalog) do I run both windows6.1-kb4099950-x64_245d5aaf7d50587297825f9176be166c47ad10f7.msu and pciclearstalecache_1c944f48bfb21d88a2054683abcd02327ecf6b37.exe and reboot?  Or do I do nothing and leave the KB4099950 that I already have installed alone?

      This is so confusing and I want to do it right.  I used to be in fear of Jan 2020 but that fear is no more because for me Jan 2020 has already passed and patching has become an unbelievable nightmare (at least for me) that I am somewhat comfortable with not patching since that will be the reality come Jan 2020 anyway.  I am more afraid of my machines becoming unusable than I am of being backleveled on maintenance.

      I read this site daily for instructions but now I do not know what to do for KB4099950.

      Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit
      AMD FX-8350

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