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      I have a number of WMP non-default settings and filetype associations, and the *only* one that is ever changed by a WU-induced configure request is — ta-da — how often to check for WMP updates.  It takes under 2 minutes getting back to where I was before the WU, with most of that time being in recreating my WMP shortcut for the QuickLaunch.

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      A few years back this would happen pretty frequently.  But this time is only two months since the last.  That’s annoying.  Fortunately, as I mentioned then, almost all of the old settings seem to be preserved. so it’s a quick fix.


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    • Fyi:  I am in Group A, and a few weeks ago I took a chance and decided to install the .NET Security-Quality Update & the MSRT on all 3 of my Win 7 machines.

      On the first two machines everything proceeded briskly and completed.

      But on the third machine, as it was powering down to reboot, the screen seemed stuck at “Preparing to Configure Windows (Update), Do Not Turn Off Your Computer.”  (No countdown percentage shown.)  After a half hour I was tempted to conclude it would never finish, and was ready to to force-close.  But I read some things saying that force-closing can cause problems, and to give it a good 2-3 hours before concluding it wouldn’t eventually complete on its own.

      I was skeptical, and at about the 55 minute mark was getting ready to force close it.  But before I could, sure enough it finally shut down by itself, reboot normally, and quickly finished setting up the updates.  Yesterday I installed the October Rollup on the same machine without issue.

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    • The need to re-do Windows Media Player setup after a WU is something that I *thought* had  finally gone away.  I used to have to go through that task after 2-3 WU’s a year, but it seems like it had been perhaps two years since the last time.

      The good thing is that — as before — it’s only the few setup screens where options need to be re-selected.  (Over three years ago I created a document to remind me what settings I had chosen.)  Once WMP is back up, I find all my other WMP options — including my selected media file associations — remain in place…with ONE exception.  The one exception is update-check frequency, which always changes from once a month to once a week (not that there’s ever an update anymore anyway….).

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      Ever consider sub-Defcons? At least for 10 vs 7/8/Sever 2008?  As wonderfully helpful as the posts are, sometimes it seems like the single Defcon rating is mixing apples and oranges.

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      Group A, Win 7 64.  Just as a data point,  I have only the “old” version of KB3177467 that I installed two years ago, but I was able to install the latest MSRT plus one Office 2010 update today.  (I haven’t installed anything else offered in October.)

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      I guess I’ll just kick back and wait for the November Rollup and Defcon 3.  Assuming I even get *offered* the November rollup that is…or we ever again attain Defcon 3…  Win 7 Pro 64. KB3177467 installed October 2016 through WU, haven’t seen the October rollup since it was withdrawn (and that applies even on another Win 7 64 machine where KB3177467 was offered and added a few days ago).

    • I just checked for updates and the October rollup went away for me too (Win 7), and  likewise the 2018-09 Rollup Preview reappeared on the Optional tab (KB4457139).

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    • Fyi, from my notes on 10-11-16 (Win 7):

      First, I noted that dreaded and long-avoided telemetry update KB2952664 had refreshingly *not* made its usual re-appearance.

      After other updates I begrudgingly installed KB3177467, which was on the Important tab and ticked.  The instant it finished — without even rebooting —  I got a “new updates are available” alert, and when I opened WU there was (unticked) attention-hog KB2952664 staring at me for the umpteenth time. And I hid it for the umpteenth time.

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      I’m concerned about people who don’t vote because they have been successfully discouraged or even prevented from doing so (in various ways) by others who feel they would vote “the wrong way.”

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      LOL, before seeing this I’d already followed the suggestion in your August 23 ComputerWorld article: “I suggest you wait another day or two before installing the August patches.”

      I installed everything in the Important tab that was pre-checked: the Rollups for Windows 7 (64-bit) and .Net, plus an Office 2010 Security Update, and the MSRT.  I didn’t install .NET 4.7.2, especially since it wasn’t pre-checked.  So far no issues that I can tell.

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    • And we’re not supposed to call a PROGRAM a program anymore, we’re supposed to call it an app. 🙂

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    • No doubt I’m missing something obvious here, but if you have other Microsoft programs that receive updates via Microsoft Update, why would you need Silverlight to activate MU?  And if you *don’t* have any such MS programs, why would you want MU?

    • Sometime in the last 3 hours or so my WIN 7 pro x64 sp1 is no longer being offered the July Rollup nor the July .NET Rollup, KB 4338818 and KB 4340556, respectively, through Windows Update. Anyone else notice this? In case it matters, its a 5th generation core i3 and Intel Dual Band Wireless – AC 3160 NIC

      Same thing here, both of those are gone.

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    • BTW, one “cute” thing Windows Update is doing to me is refusing to hide an optional Silverlight update that appeared after I uninstalled Silverlight. It’s always back the next day, so I stopped even trying to hide it. Basically a non-issue, but weird. (I am on “Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and install…”)

      When you hide a Silverlight update, a previous version will show up next time you check for updates. You’ll need to also hide all the previous versions, one at a time, to stop seeing Silverlight listed among the available updates. It’s tedious, I know, but it’s possible to do so. I’ve already done it myself.  César

      Aha, I had never noticed that the KB #’s were changing each time.  Turned out I only had to try two more times after reading your post, and now it’s staying hidden.  At least for now, that is, but based on your explanation I’m hopeful it will now remain hidden.

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