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      Not sure it is the best decision for IBM

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      I like to follow the tests at MRG Effitas and a recent test showed that Windows Defender has improved a lot

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      FOB relay hack attack


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    • MS is reflection of what is going on in our economy generally. The #1 objective is to “beat earnings” every quarter so the stock price keeps getting pushed higher. You don’t even have to actually make a profit  (Netflix, Tesla). Spend money on product development and long term planning ? No. Take your cash or even better issue debt and buy back your shares to pump up the stock price.

      Literally nothing has been learned from the 2008 meltdown and the next one is going to make 2008 look like a minor speed bump.

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    • in reply to: Patch Alert: Where we stand with the October patches #225318

      Windows OS just requires too much “hand holding”.  An operating system should just allow you to accomplish the tasks you want without needing constant attention.

      Chrome OS can do 99% of what I want without the constant headaches. Interesting how you don’t seem to hear about the Windows issues on mainstream media. Deliberate? Don’t want to spook the shareholders?

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    • With all the means that Microsoft and others have there surely must be a way to identify setups that are more prone to getting borked than others by updates.

      I have never had a significant issue with updates since the days of Win 98.

      I am not sure why I have been so fortunate but I try to run my machines as “lean” as possible and do you use tools for clean up like CCleaner.

      Updated 2 fairly new Lenovo laptops to 1809 without a hiccup this week and they seem to run a bit snappier than with 1803.


    • Anonymous has hit the nail perfectly. Since the last crisis central bank banks have printed up money and bought stocks and bonds. Companies have borrowed insane amounts to buy back shares and inflate the prices. Take away those two things and stock market prices would have gone nowhere. The normal mechanisms of price discovery are completely broken so that the price of nothing reflects underlying economic reality. Government statistics are a sham. Do you really believe inflation is running ar around 2 percent or so ? Do you really believe unemployment is around 4 percent when they don’t count people who have given up looking for work or when the labour participation rate is at multi-decade lows ? The amount of debt at all levels has exploded since 2008. Debt that has no prospects of ever being paid back.

      We are in the “everything bubble” and this will not end well.

      Making money in the last few years, especially in the American stock markets, was not a function of any great skill but the result of behind the scenes (and not so behind the scenes) rigging of the markets.

      Caveat emptor.

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    • I had initially set up my pixel book to print through Google cloud print but found that took too many steps and I didn’t feel comfortable running every document that I wanted to print through their servers. I found the HP print app and I have it on my pixel book iPad and iPhone and can print directly (via my home wireless network) to the printer with no problems.

    • in reply to: If you want a Pixelbook, now’s the time #204332

      Just a heads up for students of all ages, if you do online courses that utilize a learning service known as “blackboard” don’t buy a Chromebook because they don’t support Chrome OS.

      Has something to do with Chrome OS not supporting Java.

      Had to buy my daughter a Windows 10 laptop after we had bought a pixelbook, which she loves and will keep for doing lots of other things.


    • in reply to: March 2018 Patch Tuesday #175372

      Did the updates on a five year old Sony laptop, Win 10-64 bit.

      Download/install/cleanup/defrag 2.5 hours. No issues.

      Now will put the laptop back in it’s protective sleeve until next month.

      Back to the chrome book and iPad………

    • How to install Windows 10 ?


      Insrall something else and save your time and mental health.

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    • in reply to: So, where’s the 32-bit Windows 7 Meltdown patch? #173308

      I was not sure if MS would ever deliver a meltdown patch for my Win7-32 bit so I moved on and installed chromium OS.

      Does everything I need and I do not have to worry anymore about the never ending MS update soap opera.

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    • Was scouring the internet the other day for comments about how people don’t like what is going on at MS and found the following quote which seems to sum things up quite nicely


      “Full Disclosure: I worked at M$ from 2014-2015.
      MS has some very talented programmers. They’re not very common, but they exist. The problem is that the entire company is completely and totally focused on developing an absurd number of new features and products, giving them completely unrealistic deadlines, and then shipping software on those deadlines no matter how half-a**ed or buggy it is.
      The idea is that everything is serviceable over the internet now, so they can just “fix it later”, except they never do. This perpetuates a duct-tape culture that refuses to actually fix problems and instead rewards teams that find ways to work around them. The talented programmers are stuck working on code that, at best, has to deal with multiple badly designed frameworks from other teams, or at worst work on code that is simply scrapped. New features are prioritized over all but the most system-critical bugs, and teams are never given any time to actually focus on improving their code. The only improvements that can happen must be snuck in while implementing new features.
      As far as M$ is concerned, all code is s**t, and the only thing that matters is if it works well enough to be shown at a demo and shipped. Needless to say, I don’t work there anymore.”

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    • So I had spare time this long weekend and decided to take my 6 year old Lenovo AIO in a different direction. I had been unable to get security updates except by downloading them manually from the Windows Update catalog and no patches so far address the meltdown vulnerability on my 32 bit machine. So I saved my important data to a flash drive and I installed CloudReady from Neverware which is Chromium OS which is like a more basic version of Chrome OS without some bells and whistles. My machine was on the compatible list and so off I went. Install went smoothly and I have everything pretty much sorted except for printing. Still working on that, so in the meantime I email my iPad and print anything I want off our wireless home printer. Even with my daughter’s Pixelbook getting it to print takes a couple of extra steps. So I’m going to use this setup for the next few months until some new hardware comes out for deskttops Chrome OS such as the Asus Chromebox 3 at which time I will get some new hardware. I had thought about an iMac but it has tons of locally installed programs that I will never use and the price/use equation just didn’t seem to make sense.

      So now all we have in the household running Windows is one 6 year old Sony Win10 64 bit machine which will serve very limited duties such as managing wireless printers and the like.

      Change is good!

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    • It seems like MS is just stumbling from one disaster to another.

      My daughter really likes her new pixelbook, but for myself I find the screen too small and I’ve never been a big fan of laptop keyboards and touchpads. It still is a very nice laptop that oozes high quality and I believe will get a fair number of buyers.

      Looks like ASUS is brnging out a new chromebox some time this year


      Looks interesting and could be a serious option for myself. Just hoping I get a Meltdown patch soon for my Win7-32 machine and then I could wait for the new chromebox. If not and real world exploits start showing up I might have to look at an Apple product.

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