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      I did. Thank you much for your quick response. Appreciated.

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      Hello Susan

      A while back you presented a couple of registry changes for use with the 22H2 update.One stopped the download of Win 10 22H2, and another that removed that registry change to allow the update of the 22h2 update.

      For various reasons, I no longer have the 2nd registry edit that would allow the update of 22H2, which you now OK for download.

      If this is not the right forum, tho it is about patches, please direct me.

      Thanks to you or any others who may have this edit for the registry


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      I thank you for this reply and will try it out. Let you know for your own information

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      I got this from PK Cano

      “There is also a Group Policy setting that hides Windows Update page (I forget where, probably under WU for Business for IT to help prevent Users from installing unauthorized updates)”

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      I have Windows Pro. Got it specifically to control updates. Susan recommended wushowhide so I downloaded it. Then I found that the original update page under security and updates no longer appeared. wushowhide worked great over the last year, until it somehow conflicted with an automatic update of win 10 that I did not authorize as far as I know. After working on the first part of wushowhide, to turn on and turn off specific parts of windows download, I restarted my computer as instructed by wushowhide to reset  the new setting to allow the next step which is to find the current updates and hide those not wanted and then to update.

      When I restarted, I did not get far. I got a message that I was conflicting with Windows update, which I took to mean auto update. (A blue box with the message).

      Windows restated and I opened wushowhide searched for new updates. Got those, but when I tried to install them I got an error message with no error number which is typical of Windows. Someone said I could use something in the Group Policy Editor, I looked but I could not find a way to do this. I am not familiar with this Editor as I am no longer a Windows tech since NT 4.

      Any other help should be good.



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      I have been using winshowhide. Thought it was the same as WM.

      I have used winshoehide for awhile and follow printed directions each time.

      This time when I restarted the computer to save the selections on wushowhide and get to finding and installing new updates, I got a message that restarting the computer would conflict with ongoing Windows update. After that, when restarted wushowhide, the program  would pick up new updates but when I tried to download them to install I got an error message. There was no number. As I checked into this, I found that the two latest updates had been installed automatically. I do not know how this happened as I am careful when installing updates. Actually the only reason I am on the paid version of Woody’s is so that I do not install a bad update. I rely on Susan’s information.

      Would uninstalling wushowhide and reinstalling work? Would not think so but do not know.

      Basically if I can get back to the update page on security and update section of system, and just stop updates for each new  month, that would work. But that page disappeared when I installed wushowhide and I do not know how to get it back. Have found no information.

      Maybe Susan will chime in. I installed wushowhide on her reco. Maybe she knows what happedned. I do not want to go on with auto update. I would rather not update at all then go through Microsoft imposed frustration.

      Any help greatly appreciated. Good explanations would be helpful


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