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      Finally got it working reliably via ethernet.

      Comcast came out and found problems with wires and connections, also replaced my 6-year old modem/router with a new one. Still had problems logging in to bank website.

      Ordered a PCIe ethernet adapter from Amazon. The package was lost somewhere between Amazon and the hand-off to USPS, so after waiting a week Amazon CS sent another one. Got it Saturday, installed it and it’s working very good.

      While waiting through all this I was preparing to re-install the OS, just deciding whether to re-install 10 or go with 11. Although my feeling was this was a physical problem because of the way it gradually worsened, rather than a setting/software, where it would have worked or not.


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      Updating Edge fixed it for me yesterday.

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      The Privacy page reappeared, after yesterday’s Edge update.

      Sorry for not replying to your replies. Apparently I didn’t check off “notify me of follow-up replies” and I didn’t go back and check, thinking there were no replys.

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      Well that was easy. Disabled it, rebooted. tried logging into my bank website; Chrome & Edge both  “Access Denied….”  failures. Brave logged in!  Back to Chrome, fail.  Back to Edge, fail. ☹

      Thanks for your suggestions.



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      I hadn’t tried them. I do have Killer ethernet. I’ve never looked at, or even knew there is a control center. The only place I see the word “Stream” is on the prioritization page, and I don’t see how to change the list.

      This problem is more than when using Chrome. It’s the same with Edge and Brave. I’ve got several different error type messages and failures with all of them.  No 3rd party security at all, Time settings are fine. Brand-new-today modem/router.

      Just tried taking the ethernet cable from the new modem/router and plugged it into a laptop also running W-10. Worked fine.

      I’ll get a new ethernet adapter and see how that works. Signs point to that being the problem. This ethernet problem didn’t happen suddenly; it progressed from sporadic to often to impossible.

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      Making progress, sort of. Comcast came out and set up a newer modem/router and replaced degraded cable and connectors around the house, in & out.  Unfortunately, I still can’t connect to my bank’s website via ethernet. Only wireless.

      While the Comcast guys were still there I uninstalled my ethernet controller and let it re-install on re-start. Still didn’t work. The ethernet port is a combo with USB ports mounted on the motherboard. So my next move is to buy an ethernet PCI-e ethernet adapter.  Before ordering, just wondering if it makes a difference if it’s a PCI-e x1 or x4. I have one of each slot available.

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      Got a lot of spare computer parts, but unfortunately no router.

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      Fortunately, I do have a couple of laptops that have ethernet ports!

      In all cases, when the ethernet wire is plugged in, wireless shows as disabled, but I always go to Device Manager and disable the driver, too.

      Yes, I’ve tried all 4 ethernet ports on router.

      Dell XPS-17, W-10 Home –  When trying to log-in to my bank’s website a few weeks ago, I recall it connected OK with ethernet a few times but also failed a couple of times. Tried it again tonight and it worked.

      I noticed I did get an updated driver involving ethernet on Feb. 1. Didn’t notice that before, as the “driver updates” list was way down under all the system updates. Went to Device Manager, but rolling back the ethernet driver wasn’t an option. Went to Dell for their driver update list and updated to their newest (January) ethernet driver (could be the same one). Also updated a couple other plus BIOS. None of that made any difference to my ethernet problem.

      One more strange thing. Log-in using Edge will fail, but using Chrome sometimes I can log-in but not all my account data is showing; some is “unavailable at this time”. That’s another thing I’ve never seen there in 15 years.

      Dell Latitude, Windows 11 – By the time I got this one out, the bank website was “down” so I’ll get back to that one tomorrow.

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      Tried that awhile back (see my original post). Disabling the wireless driver doesn’t help at all.

      I’m not a computer whiz, but consider myself a pretty decent problem solver, so methodically trying this & that happens early on. It’s when I run out of ideas (including stupid ones) that I ask for help. 😉

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      No driver updates that I know of lately. Never use 3rd party driver updaters.

      It’s looking like the Comcast modem/router combo is the guilty party, so I’ll be calling them when I have lots of time 🙄.  After the CS rep decides it could be a router problem, getting a new one should be the easy part.


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      Yes, both ethernet & wi-fi networks are set to Private. I noticed that when the ethernet cable is connected, wi-fi is disabled. I guess that’s the way it should work. Just never noticed.

      Also listed are “Hyper-V virtual ethernet adapters” for both ethernet and wi-fi. Is that something that can be disabled? I never use anything virtual (that I know of!) although that’s another thing that’s most likely always been that way.

      The DNS IPv4 and IPv6 settings appear identical.


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      Not sure I know what you mean, but when the problem began, it was a “sometimes” thing, then about the first of this month went to nearly impossible to log-in. I certainly didn’t change anything along the way. Now-a-days I leave things alone that are working.

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      Yes, I’ve done that. Even removed the battery.

      My worst nightmare here is having to call Comcast CS. Resetting the router will be the first thing they’ll tell me to do. Then probably all the other things I’ve already done.

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      My initial thought was the cable was defective, but it was probably CAT 5. No marking on it.  The last time I read anything about ethernet cables was so long ago the article said CAT 6 didn’t offer any advantage over CAT 5. I hadn’t given it ANY thought since then.

      A lesson learned, to not assume hardware is “working fine” just because its been “working” for a long time. It could be working much better!


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      This is interesting.  Part of my last job before retirement was to write step by step procedures on how to perform jobs that I was so good at!  You really do have to look at it from the prospective of somebody who knows nothing about the subject. Don’t assume they know what you mean.

      My other thought is how copy editing (“proofreading”) has disappeared in the news media. The modern concept is that the writer is responsible for his/her own content and they should proofread it themselves. Maybe they do, but tons of mistakes go to print, be in on paper or internet – and I don’t think they care. It’s more about getting clicks than accuracy.

      On the other hand, it sure is much more important to be accurate when it comes to technical writing. What may seem like a minor error can make huge difference.

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