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      My initial thought was the cable was defective, but it was probably CAT 5. No marking on it.  The last time I read anything about ethernet cables was so long ago the article said CAT 6 didn’t offer any advantage over CAT 5. I hadn’t given it ANY thought since then.

      A lesson learned, to not assume hardware is “working fine” just because its been “working” for a long time. It could be working much better!


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      This is interesting.  Part of my last job before retirement was to write step by step procedures on how to perform jobs that I was so good at!  You really do have to look at it from the prospective of somebody who knows nothing about the subject. Don’t assume they know what you mean.

      My other thought is how copy editing (“proofreading”) has disappeared in the news media. The modern concept is that the writer is responsible for his/her own content and they should proofread it themselves. Maybe they do, but tons of mistakes go to print, be in on paper or internet – and I don’t think they care. It’s more about getting clicks than accuracy.

      On the other hand, it sure is much more important to be accurate when it comes to technical writing. What may seem like a minor error can make huge difference.

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      Being the one who started this, I’ve decided that although bbearren’s method described in an Oct. 6 post may very well work, I just don’t think getting Windows 11 installed on a 10-year old laptop is worth that much effort to me at this time. The time for Windows 11 on my compatible computers will probably come eventually, unless I skip it as I did with Vista and W-8/8.1. 😁

      Thanks to all who contributed.

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      I used Rufus, but still couldn’t install W-11 on the old laptop. It still “doesn’t meet requirements” because of no Secure Boot capability, despite selecting “no secure boot” and BIOS rather than UEFI.

      Anybody have a registry hack for bypassing the Secure Boot requirement? 😁

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      I was in the dark on this. I hadn’t seen any reference to installing 4516655 before the problem was gone. It’s working. Except for the Blue Screen when flashing BIOS to update it, but that was both before and after Windows Updates.

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      I had KB4474419 already installed. When I tried KB 4516655 it indicated it wasn’t applicable.

      Not surprised.

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      OK, got it. THANKS to all!
      I forgot to mention that I had manually installed the latest Service Stack updates. Today I continued manually installing updates in links who replied here last night. Windows Update then took off and did the rest! Plenty of time to wait it out today, with a snowstorm going on!
      BTW, when I was working with that 2008 era Windows XP laptop last year, it installed, but I gave up after not being able to get all the needed drivers, so I probably never got to trying Windows Update. I then installed Mint 20.2 – still working on getting wireless working.

    • I wouldn’t care how long the File Explorer context menu is if the user could arrange the list as we wish. Obviously, place your most-used up top and leave the seldom used near the bottom. This has been a wish I’ve had for the past 20+ years. My most used functions such as delete, rename, cut, copy are always buried way down near the bottom.

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      I’ve had a Buffalo USB wireless dongle, with a CD for installing, for several years. It’s “the answer” for getting drivers after newly installing an OS that has zero connections.  Mint 20.2 just tells me I’m all set and don’t need any drivers…. but I do.

      Agreed that I’d rather have a driver for the internal card. Besides, an 11-year old kid would probably lose or break the dongle within a few days.

      I don’t give up easily.

      Thanks for the reply.

    • I help several neighborhood seniors (as in elderly) with their computer problems. It gets extremely frustrating for people who live alone to deal with layers of security just to play solitaire on their own private computers.

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      Interesting but not surprising. Last week, an old friend called and asked me to get a desktop running that was in storage for 5+ years. It needed a CMOS battery to boot, then the updating started. It was running Windows 10, 15-something. After a few hours (it was a slow machine) it updated to 1909 and declared itself all-up-to-date. After a few restarts that didn’t change. I’ve always noticed those major updates don’t happen to computers that don’t run much.

      Anyway, I told my friend to expect more updating sometime soon.

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      Finally got rid of the cookies that wouldn’t delete by uninstalling Edge.  Using CCleaner, when clicking one of the cookies I noticed tiny Adobe Flash and Edge icons below the list… so there was my target.

      I might run out of ideas, but I don’t give up.

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      The “anonymous” post above was me; I hadn’t logged in. I was just trying to measure the effectiveness of using Edge’s “Strict” setting against Google Chrome and Chrome/incognito.  Browsers will collect info no matter what you do.


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      I’ve used AdBlock Plus with Chrome, but since I’ve been using the newest Edge, I don’t use or  need any adblocker. With Edge, just go to Settings/Privacy, Search…/Tracking prevention. Set it to “Strict”. If any ads are appearing, I don’t even notice them. Lovin’ it!!!

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      We all have our preferences, but using the new Chrome Edge has been a pleasant surprise. It works much better than Google Chrome for ad blocking. The setting that makes the big difference is the “Privacy” setting for Tracking prevention. Change “Balanced” to “Strict” and it will block all annoying ads. Nothing else, no add-on apps, needed. It makes internet browsing a LOT more tolerable!

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