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      You’re not using legacy 2FA by any chance are you? We had nothing but problems when attempting to use this last year.

      If so, Security Defaults or Conditional access is strongly suggested for Office365 MFA deployment.

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      With lithium batteries, you do not want you battery to be at maximum or minimum capacity. IDEALLY the battery would always stay at 50%. There is a deep dive on this at batteryuniversity.

      BU-808: How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries – Battery University

      Guide to Dell Power Manager | Dell US

      Dell wised up to this and started including a tool years ago that allows people to control their battery levels. This was called Dell Power Manager. Some laptops used a similar version called Dell Power Manager Lite. Both available on the Windows store. Now, Dell has stopped deploying the standalone application and it is is included with the “My Dell” application. You will likely see the power configuration options if you install the latest version of the app from Dell.

      You can set pre-set configurations based on usage or use manual settings, which is what I do.

      I have set my laptop to not go below 45% and not go above 85%. This keeps the battery in the optimal range, while still maintaining a charge if needed. If you always keep your laptop plugged in and rarely ever use it without the charger, you can set your parameters to between 40-60%.



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