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      Way, way back when Malwarebytes first came on the scene I installed it I think on XP.  I had very little RAM and HDD so I decided to uninstall it.  During the uninstall I was offered a lifetime license for $9.95 and I went for it.  Great move on my part.  I have transferred the license to each new PC with absolutely no problems.  I keep getting the most up-to-date versions.

      Probably the best software purchase I ever made.  Sadly, they no longer offer lifetime subscriptions.


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      I use the windows File History and also the Windows builtin Create System Image.  I have restored the System Image several times and it works just fine.  (I wonder if Microsoft intends to remove this feature because they identify it as Windows 7).

      I just recently using EaseUS ToDo Backup Pro.  I have successfully restored my HDD using it.

      I use both programs to create a system image before I allow the monthly quality update to be installed.

      My external HDD has a convenient power switch.  I turn it on ONLY to create the Windows System Image or the ToDo System Backup and then I power it off.  This is to prevent any malware that I may pickup from destroying my backups.
      How to access a system image and restore individual files using Windows 10’s native VHD support

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      Your Phone is great when it works and it worked about 80% on 1903 but 0% on 1909.  Yes, both devices are within 5 feet of the router and both are signed into my Microsoft account.

      On 1909 I can’t get past the screen that says “Resend notification” Your-Phone-PC and on my phone I can’t get past Phone-2

      I never get the opportunity to “Allow” the connection.

      On 1903 I have the same problems and after much fooling around I sometimes getting it working for a day or two and then it say “We can’t connect to your phone” and the dance starts all over again.

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      The Your Phone will not work in 1909.  I had to rollback to 1903 to continue to use it.

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      I transferred a Windows 10 system from one Lenovo laptop to a new Lenovo laptop using EaseUS ToDo Backup Pro.  I install  trial version on the old laptop and created a bootable rescue drive.  Then I did a System Backup onto an external HDD.  (Of course I cloned the new laptop disk before the I started this).

      On the new laptop I booted the rescue drive and I had two options:  System Restore and System Transfer and I chose System Transfer.  (How this differs from System Restore I do not know).

      After the System Transfer completed I was able to boot the new laptop and after updating some drivers it ran OK.  But when I looked at the PC properties it showed the properties of the old laptop.  I was concerned about this.  Would Microsoft a month later inform my client that she was running illegal software?  I couldn’t take that chance so I abandoned the project and used more traditional ways to transfer her data to the new laptop.

    • @gsteele531

      I too have many clients and I find it impossible get them to make their own system images so I make one for them before returning their repaired computers.  Renaming each image with the client’s name works for me.  If I have to restore the image I rename it back to the original “WindowsImageBackup”, then boot from a System Repair Disc or Install Media.

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    • Bypassing Control Panel:

      System Image Backup can be invoked in Windows 10 (at least thru 1809) by:

      Start=> Settings => Update& Security => Backup => Go to Backup & Restore (Windows 7) => Create a system image.

      To restore individual files from the image see this article:  How to access a system image and restore individual files using Windows 10’s native VHD support on the TechRepublic website.

      Create a restore point can be invoked by typing create in the Cortana search box.  This will bring up System Properties where you can configure restore settings, create a restore point or do a system restore.


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      Because this article was only about EMET is why. I do have trusteer as well as EMET on my pc and they behave well with each other.

      My EMET 5.0 and IBM Rapport would not run together on my 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro and Vipre Internet Security 2014. I had to delete Rapport.

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      The solution to this problem is Virtual Credit Card numbers. BankRate.com has a good definition.. I use a CitiBank credit card for this. I can set my credit limit and expiration date and the virtual credit card number can only be used by one merchant. So I figure that I spend $50 at iTunes in the next year so I set my virtual credit card limit to $50 with an expiration date 12 months in the future.

      When the $50 is used up the credit card will be declined. But I have an option to add more funds to the card at any time. And when the 12 months are up I just add another 12 months and upfate my account information on iTunes just like I would if I got a new real credit card with a new expiration date.

      So I have a different virtual credit card number for each merchant.

      Now here’s the real beauty of virtual credit cards: I hate automatic renewals of web services and the viirtual credit card solves that. I sign up for a trial newslettter and I don’t want the hassle of canceling if I don’t want automatic renewal. So the trial is $9.95 so I set my limit to $9.95 and the card is delined when the renewal come up, If I like the newsletter I just raise my credit limit so the renewal charge will go through.


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