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      No, I did not.  It just seems strange to me to hold a specific key while opening another spreadsheet, but then there are a lot of “strange” things in MS Products.😏🙃

      I will try it next time.  Thanks for the suggestion.

      Ron M

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      Well, I just managed to return to this inquiry.  I have had a series of family issues I have had to deal with, so I have been a little slow at some things these days.

      I suspect from reading the responses that I may not have made myself clear as to exactly what my problem was, so I shall try and restate it because the answers I have received do not seem to address the issue, or, I do not understand the answers (quite possible?)  I am not concerned with opening multiple instances of Excel, rather I am concerned with multiple instances of Excel opening when I do not wish that to happen.

      For example, I am working on weekly financials and have 3 different spreadsheets (instances of Excel) open.  For the sake of example, I will call them F1, F2 and F3.  During this “work”, I have to find out something on a Word document, so I minimize the three financial spreadsheets and open the Word document W1.  At this point, I have effectively 4 documents now open on my computer, F1, F2, F3 and W1.  Then my phone rings with a call from a friend regarding a question about something in photography that he thinks I might know the answer to.  I know that I can find the answer to his question on a spreadsheet that I have with some photography information on it.  So, I open up the Photography spreadsheet, P1, and check out the possible answer to his question.  When I open P1, all of my minimized financial spreadsheets, F1, F2, and F3 also open.  I now have four Excel spreadsheets open on my computer as compared to three minimized and one open.  What I want to have happen is the latter – I do not want to have the Financial spreadsheets open, i.e., come “alive” from being minimized so that I have four spreadsheets open F1, F2, F3 and P1, rather than one spreadsheet open P1 and the financial spreadsheets remaining minimized as I do not need them to answer his photography question, yet, for some reason, Excel decides to open these three minimized spreadsheets (F1, F2 and F3) when I open the totally unrelated Photography spreadsheet P1.

      My question is how do I stop the three unrelated Financial spreadsheets, F1, F2 and F3 from “un-minimizing” when I open the Photography spreadsheet P1.

      I hope this explanation helps to clarify my question about minimized instances of Excel opening when they will not help solve the problem at hand (they are financial spreadsheets), rather, it just potentially adds confusion to the answer of the photography question.

      Any insight that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

      Ron M

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      Just a followup to my previous post…

      I am running Office 365 and Windows 10.


      Ron M

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      Whoops, I for got to mention that I am using Office 365,  Nevertheless, your suggestion gave me some things to check and one of them seemed sufficient to turn off the message.  Thanks Susan.

      Ron M

    • Susan, I checked the URL reference that you posted.  Thank you for that.  It will take me a while to figure out what they are doing.

      I am coming to the conclusion that access-imdb points out in his first posting.  It probably is a relatively benign button unless I want to share a file with someone, so I will probably just ignore it as being another of those added features that Microsoft provides without a lot of documentation.  I would note that the <Help> facility in Excel does describe how to use the <Share> feature as it also uses <OneDrive>. Susan, your posting got me wondering, so I checked the web.  It would appear that there are ways to share documents in Excel going back to versions 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2016 as wells as 365.


      So now we know. My thanks to both of you for the insight. 😊

      Ron M


    • access-mdb, I am running Windows 10 Pro on my machine, however I had never noticed the <Share> button  until a few days ago.  My wife has “normal” Windows 10 on her machine, so I will check tomorrow and see if she has the <Share> button.


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      Sky, thank you very much.  So simple, but when you don’t know where to start…

      Ron M

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      anonymous, thanks for the insight.  I have taken some time to get back to this as I am the sole caregiver for my wife and I am not able to devote as much time to things like this as I would like to…time passes…

      I found that if I highlighted all the dates in the Date column and then reformatted them the same, then I can get the results that I want.  I will however, check out your insight on date formatting defaults in PTs.

      Ron M

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      SueW and Drcard:)), thank you very much for your responses. It would seem that both approaches would work.  I was hoping that I could get one that used PowerPoint, but I am quite happy to use Word.

      Ron M

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      Thanks rd23.  Another one of those Microsoft added features, I guess.

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      Paul T, thanks for the suggestion.  I did as you stated with the search and found a number of “missing links”  Now I just have to decide which ones were those removed by the upgrade.

      Ron M

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      Be very careful about the update.  I had a bunch of shortcuts to Excel, Word and a PDF files on my desktop and following the update, some of them disappeared.  All that was left was a space on my monitor where they had been.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a record of them.  If you have a screen full of shortcuts to similar files on your desktop, then take a picture with your phone or your iPad  before the update so, if any of them disappear, then you will have a record of what was there before.

      Ron M

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      alejr, thanks for the information.  My biggest question now, is  how much of the “Pink stuff” do I have to scratch off before I see the Product Key.  I am almost down to white in some parts of the “Pink stuff” and have yet to see anything.

      Ron M

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      Alex5723, I will not be able to check until Christmas day as the computer, key board, etc. are all in boxes that will not be opened until Christmas.  Windows is installed on the computer in the box and I am hoping that there is a trial period once the the new system is connected and run for the first time.  Meanwhile, I will keep scraping to see if I can come up with the Product Key.

      Ron M

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      Susan, thanks for the insight.  I will be very careful.

      Do you know how many characters are in the Product Key?

      Ron M

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