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      I have an HP laptop that I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10.

      I was reading a Thread on here about the HP Fingerprint reader (where Rick Corbett mentioned DriveGuard)which caused me to check my list of installed programs.

      It is apparent that Driveguard and Coolsense didn’t make it from the 8.1 to 10 upgrade and are no longer installed.

      I checked various HP Forum posts, but am none the wiser as to whether these apps will work on Win 10, and whether they are needed.

      if anyone has any information or advice on this issue, I’d be very grateful.

      Coolsense functions on my upgrade from W7 to W10 but I have set it to Off. Can’t see much sense in using it, though it is supposed to keep the laptop cooler in moving situations e.g. on lap.

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      Hmm … I should have read the question.
      Showing signs of a retirees brain!

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      A boy was at a carnival and went to a booth where a man said to the boy, “If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give me $50, but if I cannot, I will pay you $50.” The boy looked around and saw no scale, so he agreed, thinking no matter what the man writes he will just say he weighs more or less. In the end the boy ended up paying the man $50. How did the man win the bet?

      He simply ASKED the boy how much he weighed. Even if the boy lied then the weight he wrote down was ‘as advised’ by the boy so it must be correct!

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      Tested it on my Windows 7 IE9 & Google Chrome browsers … it now functions on my Chrome.
      But just for now I have turned it off …

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      Thanks hemeloser & Copenhagenmail for your comments above. Sorry about delayed ‘thanks’ but I did not get a notification … fixed My Subscriptions now.

      It seems to be ‘shifting sands’ with Chrome and yet another Chrome update has been issued. Since I now only use IE9 for nettbank I will leave Java on in the JCP. I have turned it off in Chrome Plug Ins so no Java for the time being until we learn more.

      What a joke Java is not!

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      Unfortunately I need Java 7 Update 11 for nettbank. I mostly use the Chrome browser now so I have turned this Java Plug-In off for the time being but left it running in my IE9 browser. I use IE9 now only for nettbank.
      However, even if I turn on the Java Plug-In in Google Chrome it will not function on my Windows 7 … it functions OK on Vista/Chrome.
      Does anyone know the solution to getting it to work with Windows 7 and Chrome please.

    • in reply to: Putting Wi-Fi router’s security to the test #1363495

      Can’t believe that anyone would widely broadcast this kind of information. Yes, it may help a few to lock up their router security but its my bet that it will open the gateway for others with less honest intents to ‘give it a go’ …
      Surely machine gunning is not the wise way to approach sensitive material and as for the comment … Please don’t use Reaver for any purpose other than testing your own router’s security! … [/B]​what an open invitation!

    • in reply to: RealPlayer – Multiple copies of realupgrade #1261870

      Interesting thread. Need some advise please:
      I am running Vista 32 and have installed Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and also Quicktime. All are latest versions.
      Do I need all these or will WMP now handle most audio/video formats?

    • in reply to: Adobe Flash and AIR Vulnerabilities #1245840

      Thanks folks for your inputs.
      I am still on Vista32 and IE8 which are both running nice and stable so might be a while before I move up a notch to the latest and greatest.
      To (hopefully) avoid dodgy downloads, I always go to product web sites and not via 3rd party links. I guess this helps defend against nasties.

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      New updates as of Sept. 20th …

      Installed this latest Flash thanks.
      Question … should we completely uninstall all existing Flash components using the Uninstaller and then what’s left over after reboot in System32/Macromed including the Flash folder. It seems that the Adobe Uninstaller does not remove ‘all’.

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      I’m no expert, but a bit of Googling led me here. I’m not sure I understood all that I read there, but is it any help?


      Ian … why did I not think of that, thanks mate.
      Its not quite what I am looking to solve but its leading me down the right track

    • in reply to: Windows Defender #1194875

      Is there a reason WD is not doing its programmed scan. All settings are enabled.

      I have the same problem and have deduced that the scan does not run if the pc is not on at the set time. Haven’t yet found a way around this so I wait until it tells me that I haven’t run a scan for ‘some’ days so should do it. Also I have tried to set the scan pre-programme to a time when I am likely to have the pc switched on.

      ps Some automatic activities can start after pre-programmed time once the pc is ‘on’ … seems however that Defender does not have this feature.

    • in reply to: Secunia PSI #1192992

      Thanks for your inputs H & T. Looks like my prob is not just the Secunia. I have though also decided to use it to manually scan every week.

    • in reply to: Kaspersky Anit-Virus #1191684

      I am also a long term KAV user and the only problem I have had is ‘incompatability’ between KAV version 736 latest and Secunia PSI … or so Kaspersky say. Not strictly incompatable but K say that their AV does all that PSI does so the latter is not needed? The only actual problem with having the two softwares on my Vista pc seems to be a very long boot time if both are ‘live’.
      Overall I consider KAV to be an excellent product, easy to just leave it to ‘do as its designed’ and if problems are evident then their tech support is quick.
      CYa Ron

    • in reply to: Photoshop Elements 8 #1187799

      Glad you figured it out.

      All the things you can do with PSE can make it a bit confusing, but once you get the basics down you can move ahead pretty quickly with a bit of trial and error and tutorials.

      I’ve been fooling with Photoshop for almost 7 years and PSE 7 for 3 or 4 years and still have a lot to learn about both.

      Keeps the brain from going rusty! Seems a great software though and worth occupying some of my limited ‘brain software’.

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