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      Hi Paul, and thanks a lot for your response and clear directions.

      Yeah, I’d just about reached that conclusion about OneDrive and you’ve confirmed it – only good for sharing a few small files and that’s about it. Thing is, the fact you get 1TB storage with Office 365 gives the impression you can store large volumes of docs there. Well, I suppose you can – if you are prepared to wait days/weeks/whatever for them to transfer to the cloud. I thought I must have been doing something wrong to make transferring so slow, but apparently not.

      Just curious – what sort of data should be stored in the Default and Public folders under Users in the C drive?

      Is there a way of changing the rossw user name to something else, or does that risk messing up the computer?

      Cheers! Ross.

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    Viewing 16 replies (of 16 total)