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    • At the time of your post, my main PC was on 1809. I made 2 backups then upgraded to 1909, all patches and fully up to date. Everything seems to be running fine, actually a little better in some respects. However, if I let MS update my drivers this system will not function.

      Being fully up to date on patches is one thing, but up to date with drivers is another. In my case and likely most cases this is the hardware manufacturers fault, but MS pushing those bad drivers is not acceptable.

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      IIRC, I was learning Basic and Pascal in school around the time Windows 1.0 came around but I totally missed the launch. I think we spent too much on the Apple IIe to consider switching over, they cost a few thousand dollars as a full system at the time of purchase which was “real money” back then, dual floppy drives, color screen, color dot-matrix printer, and all.

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      On my 6 month old Windows 10 system, the reflectPatch.exe  in %localappdata%\temp is about 25MB.

      I haven’t run ReflectDLHF.exe but once. The patches never fail, on this machine or 4 others here, one is running Windows 7.

      There is a rather large (588MB) Macrium folder, ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect, but I think that’s mostly PE stuff for the boot disk/partition. My pe3x64.zip file is only 139MB. Once you burn the Macrium boot disk (PE), you don’t really need that file on your HD. However, certain Macrium updates contain fixes that apply to the PE so you’d have to make a new pe3x64.zip file anyways, to burn to a new PE CD, boot partition, or USB drive.

      Your pe3x64.zip file does seem rather large though. Too bad you can’t register on their support forum unless you paid for it, but that probably cuts down on spam and idiots considerably.

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      I also use and recommend Macrium Reflect Free, have an unused key for Acronis 2018 but nobody wants it free of charge.

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      I got a call from Spectrum’s construction dept this evening telling me it’s been approved and would I like to continue. “Yes, thank you.” I said my boss wanted to change the listed company name, the person on the phone said that is no problem and would be handled by billing. They never asked for spelling and it was an odd company name. They never asked for SSN or EIN. Obviously this is going to be under the $5,00o they cover or they would want some way to get money.

      This all seems too good to be true after so many years of internet h***. I will report back once it is all up and running. Fingers are metaphorically crossed, I can’t type with crossed fingers.

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      It turns out that they don’t care. It blows my mind that they’ll pay a few thousand to run the line but don’t even need a contract with me, and I can use my own name and SSN. Apparently they only need an EIN for enterprise class, which should be obvious. Enterprise would be a much, much more robust fiber bandwidth connection. I believe I have the option to go up to just barely under Gigabit fiber speeds before reaching enterprise class.

      This “Spectrum” is Time Warner/Charter/Spectrum (merger/conglomerate), recently bought by or merged with AT&T. They own all the Turner channels, Warner (obviously), HBO/Cinemax, likely many more channels, and the only other satellite TV competitor to DISH, DirectTV. It’s a disgusting corporation, close to beating the Disney/ESPN/etc monopoly, likely worse in this case. Read some recent news headlines on HBO going dark on Sling and Dish and you’ll get the idea.

      Frankly, I don’t care. I knew it was all coming to this, I just want real internet. Maybe the market will open up someday, for now the competition is between (a) 200mbps and (b) 2mps. A friend of mine lives even deeper in nowheresville, a town population of under 3,000 with no proper grocery or hardware stores, yet has 3 options for direct to home fiber internet all at speeds around 1gbps minimum. It must be a test bed of sorts, I have no idea.

      When you live on the State’s fiber backbone line between major cities, options open up. And yes, I’m in continental ‘murica. It doesn’t really matter which state in this context.

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      Whatever SS# or EIN is used will be liable for whatever happens with the ISP. Trusting everyone here to not run illegal file sharing servers is one thing, trusting that we aren’t “hacked” (virus/malware/botnet/etc) resulting in illegal activity is another matter entirely. I wouldn’t give my best friend for life or favorite relatives an ISP using my details unless I was fully in control of all related internet security for any connected devices. It’s just due diligence IMO. I just found out a few hours ago it’s a moot point; I’ll use my own name and SSN, Time Warner/Charter/Spectrum Business class doesn’t care.

      The property tax issue is over my head. I can only tell you of real-life nightmares. Basically, take the time to legally dispute any increase of property value.

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      Sure, but I don’t have a business name, DBA, EIN, etc. Going LLC is a minimum of $300 to file in this state, plus other hoops to jump through (registered agent, operating agreement, EIN). Thus my question, what does Spectrum want from me as a business class customer? If it’s just whatever name I want to use and my SSN, why don’t more people get Spectrum to pay a few thousand to run a line to their house for free?

      As for wifi hot-spot, I’m using one right now. The thing is their both data capped, the hotspot at about half of satellite with the largest package available. I want to take some online courses, doubtless will include plenty of video, and streaming video eats data quick.

      My satellite speed compared to my hot-spot speed:

      Speedtest-11-13-13 Screenshot_2018-11-01-Speedtest-by-Ookla-The-Global-Broadband-Speed-Test

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      I’ve read all the “fine print” and legalese I can find and there’s no mention of what they consider a “business”, which is why I asked. My landlord and home business owner lived here previously, Spectrum sent the mail to “current business owner” care of this address. The landlord doesn’t care about using the business name, actually approves anything to bring broadband access as it will only increase the property value, but obviously doesn’t want their EIN/tax ID used. That’s where it gets tricky, I know Spectrum will want a EIN/SSN.

      I’m not sure why I expected an answer here, this is over the heads of anyone I can get from Spectrum via phone support. The site surveyor certainly had no clue.

      I would also assume my SSN would suffice. It’s the business name that concerns me the most.

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      Wow, so many typo’s and grammar errors, but the important thing is it’s TAB not Shift to scroll through the folders and executables when using command prompt.

      Anyways, I’m up to date (1709 build 16299.611) and nothing is worse than before, but I haven’t tested much really, just came back to post I’m not BSOD and correct my previous post mistakes.

      What’s the cutoff on this forum for editing a post, 10 minutes?

      Edit: Update: after installing the SS KB4339420 and CU KB4343897, Windows Update MiniTool no longer offers KB4295110 which I didn’t hide, want, or install. That’s odd and somewhat troubling, not sure if WU or WUMT is too blame.

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      That’s not how I actually DL the KB’s, but it’s my advice if your home/business internet is better than mine. I “Google” the KB on my phone and download it from Microsoft Update Catalog, move it to USB, and the rest is the same.

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      I check for them with Windows Update MiniTool, select the “Update Support URL” link which goes to the relevant support.microsoft.com address, go down to the Microsoft Update Catalog link, download the update flavor for my PC (Windows 10 1709 for 64 bit), and install manually the MSU from an elevated command prompt like this:


      LOCATION-OF-MSU = D (in my case)

      NAME-OF-UPDATE = that should be obvious. I did learn you don’t have to type it all out though, just “wusa D:\” then start hitting shift until the file you want appears, it goes round-robin through each file/folder in the fist specified location (D:\).

      However, in this case, Windows Update MiniTool did not list the July servicing stack, and I don’t really know if it installs a Delta update like WU or a full CU as I’ve not used it for CU installs. I’ve done manual CU installs since moving to 10. One machine here is still Win7, group A but delayed until under MSDEFCON 1, which uses WU the “normal” way.


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      Thanks, that’s what I figured. I only moved from 7 to 10 this year, manually installing servicing stack updates and cumulative updates is kinda new to me. My internet is very slow with a small allowance, it’s easier to download the full CU on my phone once and install manually on each machine one at a time. As the CU size grows each month, the next version upgrade (1803) becomes more tempting. I could use the Deltas but with superseded CU’s and delayed patching it’s not worth it. I’m sooo glad I don’t have to maintain a WSUS for Windows 10, that must be painful.

      As for the other 4, that’s also what I figured. Those are the Windows 10 version of 7’s WinX prep updates. While I’m not really scared of 1803, I’ll do it when I’m ready to spare the expected downtime for troubleshooting. I’m also waiting until I can download the ISO on my phone from somewhere like windowsiso.net, the MediaCreationTool will never work with my home internet.

      Thanks again, will report results after installing the August 1709 updates, hopefully by tomorrow.

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      Running 1709 here, just made 2 backups and might take one for the team and update. I manually update 3 machines running 1709 here, 2 haven’t been online in a few months so I haven’t bothered updating them. Typing this from the most current build here, 16299.492 (June 2018). I did install the July and August Flash updates as Flash is a scary security hole IMO.

      Question: Since I skipped the July CU update, do I need to install the July servicing stack update KB4339420 before the August CU KB4343897?

      Windows Update MiniTool is also offering me the following plus the usual MSRT:

      1. KB4134661 (May)

      2. KB4056254 (July)

      3. KB4023057 (August)

      4. KB4295110 (August)

      I don’t think I’ll ever install #1 or #2, but could #3 and #4 be fixes if the manual CU update fails, or is it just more potential prep for 1803 upgrade?


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      Thank you, I was planning on posting concise instructions but now that the internet works properly I have a lot of business to catch up on.

      Technically, KF1983 found the solution from a reddit post by yer-what here:


      Although I did use Process Hacker instead of Process Explorer, I would take the anonymous advice from above and use Sysinternals Process Explorer. Sysinternals is a very trustworthy source of Windows tools.

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