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      Excellent article, most of which I did not know. Maybe someone can help me with the following problem:

      I use the Chrome browser on Win 10 and 11. I want to change gray font to black. I find it difficult to read gray on white, especially small font sizes. No matter which options I have tested, I can’t seem to have an effect ONLY on text color.  Themes like Dessert, Aquatic and the like change too many elements on the page. I have an add-on that changes the entire page, that I can sometimes use by flipping it on and off to see both the text and graphics, but it’s a pain.

      Is there a way to change only the font color on a page?

      Thank you all.

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      In case anyone is curious, here is the list I have collected over the years.

      AT&T: number@txt.att.net (SMS), number@mms.att.net (MMS)
      Boost Mobile: number@sms.myboostmobile.com (SMS),
      Boost Mobile: number@myboostmobile.com (MMS)
      Consumer Cellular: number@mailmymobile.net
      Cricket: number@sms.cricketwireless.net (SMS)
      Cricket: number@mms.cricketwireless.net (MMS)
      C-Spire: number@cspire1.com
      Google Fi (Project Fi): number@msg.fi.google.com (SMS & MMS)
      Metro PCS: number@mymetropcs.com (SMS & MMS)
      Page Plus: number@vtext.com
      Republic Wireless: number@text.republicwireless.com (SMS)
      Sprint: number@messaging.sprintpcs.com(SMS)
      Sprint: number@pm.sprint.com (MMS)
      Ting: number@message.ting.com
      T-Mobile: number@tmomail.net(SMS & MMS)
      Tracfone: number@mmst5.tracfone.com (MMS)
      U.S. Cellular: number@email.uscc.net (SMS)
      U.S. Cellular: number@mms.uscc.net(MMS)
      Verizon: number@vtext.com (SMS),
      Verizon: number@vzwpix.com (MMS)
      Virgin Mobile: number@vmobl.com (SMS),
      Virgin Mobile: number@vmpix.com (MMS)
      XFinity Mobile: number@vtext.com (SMS),
      XFinity Mobile: number@mypixmessages.com (MMS)

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      +1 for MS Money. Been using it since the beginning of time. As others have said, if you don’t need automated online downloads or updates, works like a champ. I also find that most of my banks still support transaction downloads as either OFX files (native to MS Money) or QFX (which, with very few occasional issues, can simply be renamed to OFX). Yes, it’s a manual download, but once a month for a couple of institutions is something I can handle.

      Go Money!

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    • You had to have had user interaction. It will not upgrade without it. If the box pops up, and you do not click on the change, if you just close it, that is user interaction. You just didn’t realize it.

      I beg to differ. My wife uses a small laptop and she NEVER answers pop-ups, boxes, windows or other. She ALWAYS hands the machine to me for action. Two days ago, she put the machine down and we went out for errands. When we returned, she swiped the touch pad to wake the machine, she entered her password, as she usually does, and, lo and behold, the machine was in the middle of something strange. She handed the machine to me. It was in the middle of an upgrade. Not a box asking for any response. Not a notice about a future upgrade. It was processing, with some text indicating it was upgrading. I left the machine alone and when I returned it had been upgraded to Win10. It was a totally automatic upgrade, with no intervention or permission.

      This machine did not have any of the “prevent Win10” software on it. We never tried to either upgrade or not upgrade. It was running Win 8.1, with automatic Windows updates, including Windows other products (Office and the like).

      So, this is only a survey of 1, but, to me, it is clear proof that machines CAN be upgraded without intervention. YMMV.


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      … changing PublicNW to Private Network.

      Funny you should mention that. I have a client whom I upgraded to Win10 a month ago. Everything fine until he calls me yesterday with the same symptoms you describe. Edge not able to get to the Internet, Outlook not able to connect to get mail. Alternate browser works fine.

      I noticed that he was not connected to his normal WiFi SSID and was using Comcast’s public xfinitywifi SSID instead. I asked why and he said he had no idea but that his kids had visited a few nights before. I switched him back to his private network SSID and all was fine again.

      Coincidence? You decide… (cue eerie music)

      Steve G

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      <> There’s that, of course, but for me there is also an etiquette issue. While I might be friends or an acquaintance of everyone I write to, all those people don’t necessarily know each other. It’s not my place to give out their e-mail addresses. I always use BCC unless I’m sure that everyone on my list knows each other person.

      Great article, by the way. You had some ideas I never thought of.

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      Just a quick reply to confirm that MS Money Sunset works on Win 8.1 with no issues. Upgraded on another machine for many years, installed Sunset on new 8.1 laptop and copied the Money file over. No issues.

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      I don’t currently use any password management software, so I have no direct experience, but I understand that some packages, LastPass for example, encrypt on your PC and send only encrypted data to their server, so they never have direct access to your passwords.

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      See this link for a list of routers, capacities, capabilities. Check the VPN box to show only VPN-capable routers. Super info source for routers.


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