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    • Sidebar-screenshot
      I set up this sidebar with Rainmeter after the most recent update for Win10 removed the Win 7 sidebar.exe I had moved from computer to computer to computer.

      It is fine for what I want, but one feature is missing. The “old” gadget. as I’m sure many of you remember, protected that sidebar space. When you opened a window “full screen” it would stop short of the sidebar. Thus, the sidebar was always visible, and I didn’t have to fiddle around with the size of the window to see it. I don’t want the sidebar on top of what I am working on — just nicely on the side, as SIDEbars are supposed to work.

      I have not found a way to do this with Rainmeter skins.  I also have Fences. Is there a way to put a fence around it and adjust settings in Fences to protect that monitor real estate?

      Thank you in advance for any workarounds you can suggest!

      Pat in CT

    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)