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    • in reply to: The return of our occasional Ultimate Utilities list #1987411

      AskWoody Plus

      20 pages of older versions of CCleaner. Pick one, any one that’s “old” (before it went to heck). I’m still using Version 5.40 on Windows 10 1809, works just fine and takes about 5 seconds to do a “Cleaner” scan on an SSD.

      Link to FileHippo web pages:

      20 pages of CCleaner previous versions

    • in reply to: Google Play Store on Fire TV or Fire Tablet #1841650

      AskWoody Plus

      I don’t think it is possible to install the “Google Play Store” on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick.

      I have a “second generation” Fire TV box, the square-flat version with WiFi, and a 10/100 Ethernet port and a USB port and a microSDXC card clot. It is now old and obsolete, but still has a lot more flexibility than the newer “sticks” and “cubes”.

      There are alternate places to get “APK’s” other than from the Google Play Store. As you might know, Amazon has an “app store”, but the apps available there are somewhat limited compared to the Play Store.

      One of the main alternate APK sources is from a site called “Aptoide TV”:

      There are several ways to get APK files from there. I tend to use my PC to download the app I want, store it on my network server, then ‘side-load’ it to the Fire TV device using ES File Explorer that is installed on the Fire TV device. That can be installed from the Amazon app store. I could also copy it to a USB thumb drive and plug that into the Fire TV device, but various newer ones (especially the ‘stick’ versions), do not have a USB port.

      Here’s a link to a web site that has tutorials on many things Android, including a 2 ways to get the Aptoide ‘store’ app installed on a Fire TV device.

      Here’s another tutorial on getting the Aptoide store installed:

      If you are by chance new to the Fire TV universe…be advised that it can be more addictive than messing with Windows!

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    • in reply to: New install version 1903 and networking #1837824

      AskWoody Plus


      In my ‘home’ network, the main server is a Win7x64 Pro system. I have a bunch of various other ‘workstation’ PC’s, Windows 7 Pro boxes, a couple of Win10x64 Pro test systems, my housemate is using a Win10x64 Home system (that I just ‘upgraded’ from 1709 to 1803 last week…no problems encountered doing that).

      I did a bare metal install of Win10x64 Pro, Ver. 1903 the other day. This will be a system for a client in a few weeks. They currently have 6 other Win7x64 Pro workstations that I will wipe and do bare metal installs on each of them in the future. All workstations will be connected to a Windows 7×64 Pro computer acting as a server.

      That Win10x64 Pro Ver. 1903 had no problem ‘finding’ my Win7x64 Pro server. My 2 Win10x64 Pro Ver 1809 systems have (had?) no problem finding my Win7 server.

      I made no changes to any default networking-type services (see thread mentioned below). It just worked. I was a bit surprised, but, hey, I was just glad it did.

      I resolved the ‘not finding a system’ problems last December by following some suggestions I found by doing lots of “Googling” last fall.

      Here’s a short thread here on about networking problems in a couple of versions of Win10:

      In this thread, I posted (#242735) about six services that have to be running on the Windows 7 SERVER system to make it more visible to Windows 10 systems.

      Right now I can’t remember which ones might not have been running on the Win7 server systems last fall, but as I mentioned in my post, I could make my Win7 server disappear and re-appear to a Win10 system by stopping and starting one of the services on the Win7 server. Again sorry I can’t remember which one and I’m not messing with it right now.

      On both the 1809 systems and the 1903 system, 5 of the 6 services are running, the only one that is not running is the “UPnP Device Host” service.

      Oh, that Win10 Ver. 1903 system can see my current ‘workstation’ Win10 system running 1809.

      SMB1 is NOT enabled on any of the Windows 10 systems. All systems (Win7 and Win10) are in my local “WorkGroup”. Even before I added the new 1903 system to my workgroup, it was still able to see the Win7 server and the other Win10 systems that were turned on.

      So, it seemed that getting any of the newer Win10 versions to “see” a Win7 server is to be sure those 6 services are running on the Win7 server, and 5 of them are running on a Win10 system.

      Hope this helps you get your network running smoother.

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    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      @Anonymous in post 1661137

      WooHoo! Found the Avast web page using the WayBack Machine. Here’s the link to the web page:

      WayBack Machine web page

      The registry entry shown here plus a version number for AVG Free equal to or greater than what you posted, my clients should be OK to update, will probably skip to May’s updates ASAP.

    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      @Anonymous in post 1661137, and Woody

      Thanks for the info on AVG/Avast.

      Unfortunately, I can’t see anything on the web page you linked to, on 3 computers running either Windows 7 or Windows 10, using the latest Chrome 74.0.3729.157 build, OR Internet Explorer 11, patched up to April’s cumulative update level.

      When I right-click on the empty web page, and do a “View Page Source…”, all it shows is !DOCTYPE HTML and nothing else, so I’m assuming it is an “empty” web page.

      If I right-click and select “Inspect”, there’s a couple of lines of code (/head, /body), but no other informational text.

      I’ll try Google-ing for the text in the URL, see if it comes up on another Avast site somewhere in the world.

      Thanks again and I’ll report back if I can find a human readable web page!

      • SkipH
        AskWoody Plus

        @Anonymous in post 1661137

        Doing some quick Google-ing for that phrase turned up the same empty web page, and another page dated 4-11-2019 saying “This announcement is no longer active”, referencing the link to the empty web page.

        So I guess that page had vanished, maybe a look at the Internet WayBack ( can find a cached page.

        Meanwhile, I’ll contact my 2 clients and have them check their AVG Free versions as you instructed, and see what version they have.

        Thanks again.

    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      About a month ago, I had the exact problem with Charter/Spectrum email servers with several of my Charter email accounts.

      I could receive, but not send messages with those accounts.

      Luckily I have a account and could send messages with that account, and an account on a public outgoing only email server that I set up years ago when I could not get Charter to send outgoing messages from my Android phone’s email client, K-9 Mail.

      After fighting the problem for an evening, changing outgoing severs, changing settings, etc, I gave up and switched my primary email account over to the public outgoing email server and used that.

      I used that for a few days and eventually the Charter server started working again. During that time frame, I checked for reports on any problems with Charter/Spectrum and saw one report that in another part of the US, at least one Charter customer was having the same problem.

      I’ll bet it’s a Charter problem, and as you found out they claimed there was no problems with their system, so it must by YOUR problem, but it’s probably not.

      So, I just worked around it. If you can work around it somehow, just do that. If you want, you can set up an account at a free out-going only email server service. The one I use has some maximums for the free accounts.

      Here’s a link to the one I use, check it out. Some Googling will turn up lots of others, I can’t remember why I picked this one, but for my purposes, it works fine.

      Here’s the web site:

      There’s a very good section in their FAQS on how to setup your email program. It starts here:

      PS: I have no affiliation with this company, it’s just a service I use for my outgoing cell phone email and when Charter goes wonky.

      Good luck.

    • in reply to: Chromebook reset itself? #347675

      AskWoody Plus


      Is your (very) old Chromebook still receiving updates from Google?

      I know various older brands and models have a potential cut-off date (at Google’s discretion) when they will no longer receive updates.

      What’s the status of your ‘old’ one? Is it nearing or into the potential update cut-off deadline (and still receiving updates)?

      Brand and model number if you care to disclose that information?

    • in reply to: win 1809 & win 1803 network problems #242735

      AskWoody Plus

      I think this ‘feature’ of Windows 10 has been discussed on AskWoody before, don’t know the URL’S off-hand.

      I had this happen on an 1803 Win10 test system: it couldn’t see my Win7 Pro ‘server’ box on my home network, but I could access it by its IP address.

      I think the solution was that some services are not running on the Win10 box.

      For the short fix, see if the following services are running (probably on all 3 systems?).

      See that the following services are running, and set for Automatic or Automatic (delayed start):

      – Function Discovery Provider Host

      – Function Discovery Resource Publication

      – SSDP Discovery

      – UPnP Device Host

      Also these services:

      – DHCP client

      – DNS client.

      I found these solutions on various forms scattered around the ‘net back in August.

      No guarantee, but IIRC, it ‘fixed’ the 1803 test system, I could magically make my Win7 server disappear and re-appear on the 1803 system, but don’t remember now which service I was stopping and starting.

      Good luck, and maybe some others will chip in with more information.

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    • in reply to: KB 4495667 effect on .chm Help files #1746810

      AskWoody Plus

    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      At Anonymouse in post# 1678479:

      I went to a customer’s place who was using AVG Free the other day to try to put on May’s cumulative update (skipping April’s)

      I checked the version of AVG free, it was 19.4.3089 (build 19.4.4318.491), so that looked OK. AVG Free wanted another update, so I put that on, forget what version # it raised it to.

      Then checked in the Registry for the entry that was supposed to be there and it it was, with “avgVmm” replacing “aswVmm”.

      I went ahead and manually installed KB4499164, rebooted, and the system came back up normally, but with a 2nd re-boot midway through the process.

      So, I’d like to thank you for posting the info about the version numbers of AVG Free/Avira and the tip on where the Avira web page was supposed to be, and glad that The WayBack Machine coughed up a copy of the web page with the info on it.

      I think my other customer is out of town (and is on Windows 8.1), so I’ll get to him later at some point.

    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus


      It seems the link the the MS “support” page you posted is either incomplete, or MS has pulled the page.

      All I get when I click on the link in your post is an error page, the main message is: “An error has Occurred” Please try your request again.

    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      As to not cross-post the 2 posts about the Avast site, might want to see post #1662067

      and post #1662573

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    • SkipH
      AskWoody Plus

      @anonymous in post # 1578439:

      Any possibility of getting a link to the Avast article you mentioned where they listed the registry string/location of the a patch to the registry where you can tell if their fix had been applied to a specific computer?

      I have a couple of clients using AVG Free and who had trouble back in mid-April: I had to uninstall KB4493472 from both of them due to problems. I’m probably not going to let them try installing this update again until there is a fix for the problem.

      I looked around the Avast web site, but did not see any prominent mention about the MS Updates problem and any Avast/AVG product.

      Thanks in advance for any info on finding out what the registry entry might be.

    • in reply to: Great price on a Chromebook clone #214033

      AskWoody Plus

      @ Peacelady:

      Since the main ‘program’ on a Chromebook is a specialized version of the Chrome web browser, that can be used to log into a Gmail account. So it will work like it does on a ‘real’ computer.

      Hopefully your husband is familiar with Chrome, although since it looks like he might be a Mac user, he (or you) might not use Chrome on it. So both of you will have to get used to Chrome. I see that Chrome can be installed on a Mac, so that might help.

      Since he already has a Gmail account, he has a user name and password that can be used to set up and use a Chromebook, and then get access to his Gmail messages by going to

      If he doesn’t like the touchpad for running the cursor, as I mentioned in post # 181670, Chromebooks usually have at least 2 USB ports, so a regular wireless USB mouse can be attached. I’m not a touchpad fan, but using the Samsung Chromebook while ‘lounging’…if you can master the multi-touch finger movements, and the keyboard short-cuts, it’s OK. It will take some research to figure out the keyboard short-cuts, but a help file is built in, so you can read about them there.

      Good luck on your shopping quest.

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