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    • Group A, Win7Pro-64_SP1, Intel Ivy Bridge (dual core) processor.

      April 6, Friday night. After years of successfully keeping this legacy system in good shape, by following some very simple ground rules (no telemetry, WU configured right, install only the safe stuff – typically MRT [with the DontReportInfectionInformation DWORD set to 1] and .NET Framework [sticking with v4.6.2 on Win7, avoiding v4.7.x for as long as I can] – and create an image backup; wait a few days after Patch Tuesday while the dust settles in and carefully proceed with the varying monthly updating tasks – monthly rollups, security-only updates, IE 11 cumulative security updates, etc – as safely and well-informed as possible), for the past three months I had went through a painful path of patching and re-patching, install and uninstall trial and error moves just to be able to use and work with this system in a less than reliable state with plenty of hiccups and glitches – which weren’t minimally acceptable anymore.

      April 7: Saturday night fever. 😉 Followed Susan Bradley’s advice (yes, backups are priceless) and rolled back to late October, 2017 (updated with KB4041681, using .NET Framework 4.6.2).

      Installed KB4054518 (2017-12 Monthly Rollup), KB890830 (MRT v5.58, Mar 2018), set the QualityCompat flag, updated the anti-virus and all relevant installed third-party software (Chrome, etc) and did an image backup [“20171231+MRT201803”].

      Installed KB4076492 (KB4054998+KB4054981), KB4099950, KB4096040. Hid what WU was “offering” then (“important” KB4088875, “optional” KB4091290) and did another image backup [“20180407_201712+2018upd”].

      So far, so good. Waiting to see what April brings up (and update from the most suitable image backup)…

      Thanks to Woody, PKCano, MrBrian, Noel Carboni, Susan Bradley, Canadian Tech and all the other MVPs and other people contributing with their experience, knowledge and insightful comments.

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    Viewing 76 replies (of 76 total)