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    • DEFINITELY having serious issues with 7 and this patch, pro and ultimate.

      Our server auto-updated and got stuck at ‘configuring updates’ on the reboot at 48%

      No sophos-anything.  No idea what’s causing the issue as of now, no time to deal with it.

      Safemode-uninstall the patch is the only way to get back in for me.

      I should have done it since January’s clusterf—  Windows updates -> MANUAL ONLY.

      MS is continually effing this up, and now they want to charge me $100 for it next year?

      For the record none of our W10 machines had any problem except one, which stalled out on the patch install after reboot… then a hard reboot allowed it to finish and it’s ok now, with patch still installed.

      Not happy!  I’m getting yelled at by the boss for something that should be mindless-ez.

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    Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)