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    • in reply to: February 2024 patches for Windows #2637850

      Microsoft are in not rush to fix  KB5034441

      The problem they created!

      It really shows how much the don’t care.

      All they seem to be focused on is copilot.

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    • in reply to: WSD printer ports are evil #2634383

      Hi Susan,

      I am with you all the way “set up printers via tcp/ip” each printer has its own static ip address. So you can ping it, use the web interface via IP address etc…

      As i always do in the router, set a static IP range for printers, and then DHCP has its own range.

    • in reply to: Lost Outlook 2019 Calendars #2631312

      Hi doneager,

      I know with Microsoft Outlook you can open and include more then one PST file. So maybe try that and if you see your Calendar entries in the second PST you could always just drag and drop them into the current PST file you want to use. Then you could just remove the second PST file from Microsoft Outlook if you wish.

      How to add another PST File you might ask?

      On the File tab, click Account Settings, Account Settings.

      On the Data Files tab, click Add.

    • in reply to: Word Wedded to Edge! #2629165

      Yes, i guess to use the online Pictures, they want you to use Edge. So they can keep an eye on what pictures you download. Or the other thing they do was change links that open from Microsoft Outlook. Even though you are using another default browser. I had to fix this for someone the other day.
      Under Options. Advance, Then File and browser preferences Open hyperlinks from outlook in:

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    • in reply to: Macrium Reflect Rescue Media: Wim PE10 or PE11 #2628544

      Hi Mike

      My advice would be don’t use a bluetooth mouse for recovery.

      Buy a wired USB mouse for using with the recovery process environment

      I know when building a Macrium recovery, you can see a list of what drives it builds and what it can not.

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    • in reply to: Linux — it’s all about the apps #2628248

      Hi cybertooth,

      Yes the Plasma desktop is excellent and great choice for a desktop.

      Plasma 6 will be out soon.

      How do you fined SoftMaker Office rather than LibreOffice.

      Do you find it is worth the money over LibreOffice is free.


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    • in reply to: Macrium Reflect Rescue Media: Wim PE10 or PE11 #2628194

      Hi Mike
      “When building a rescue media for Windows 10 22H2, can you use Windows PE11”
      Yes that did work on one of my win 10 computers. Macrium Reflect usually defaults to the correct one it needs. My advice is to make a rescue media and then test it out to make sure that when you will rely on it. it will work in the future.

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    • in reply to: BitLocker-related update triggers install problems #2627846


      For anyone resizing the recovery partition and following Microsoft instructions well it seems one one more step in the process is needed. By adding this step when the new RE recovery partition is added and you take a look at it in Disk management it is all correctly done. No drive letter added etc.

      I think this would work also work with GUID Partition Table (GPT)

      “Support Article to Resize Windows Recovery Partition is Incorrect for MBR Disks”


      Note, it fixed the correct partition but ( KB5034441) still wont install and best to just hide it through using https://blockapatch.com/

      What a real mess Microsoft have created.

      It’s there Happy New Year patch gift to us all!


    • in reply to: Quick Video to showcase how to hide KB5034441 #2627470

      I have just run another test and followed the instructions on KB5028997: Instructions to manually resize your partition to install the WinRE update  on Microsoft website.

      Well all went fine but after a reboot windows gave the Windows Recovery Environment partition a Drive letter. Yes you can remove the Drive letter but as you can see from the screenshots when you right click that partition in disk management you can now select all these options to format, shrink vol etc. The recovery partition really should be not active!

      Before i followed the above instructions and you right click the partition you would not be able to change things.

      Anyone else had the same results?

      I have attached some screenshots to show the outcome but they seem to not show up when i sign out.

      Can you please fix Susan

      Thank you

    • in reply to: Quick Video to showcase how to hide KB5034441 #2627440


      I just did a test with Windows Update mini tool. From https://blockapatch.com/

      Yes you have you have Windows update not paused. But what i did was to resume windows update and then at the same time i ran the “Windows Update mini tool” I was then able to block-hide KB503441.

      Then I did notice in the windows updates window list of updates that were being downloaded it had error in downloading KB503441. Good!

      So if you are quick you can stop KB503441 from downloading in first place.


    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 1: Partition size blocks update #2622106

      Hi Carl D

      Yes in the past i have done the same at times.

      “I don’t have a recovery partition by the way – that’s always one of the first things I remove (with diskpart) after a Windows 10 clean install. I use Macrium Reflect for all of my backup needs.”

      The only problem i faced with removing the recovery partition was Windows Security-Defender. You could not use “Microsoft Defender Offline scan”  It needs the recovery partition to boot into.

      If i remember correctly when Win 10 had a new version release, it would install, and also put back the recovery partition.

      Makes me wonder if one did not have a recovery partition would the update create a new one with the correct size etc… Probably not.

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    • in reply to: MS-DEFCON 1: Partition size blocks update #2621962

      You would really have to feel sorry for the people that have no computer skills, and Microsoft release a windows update that causes this problem for them.

      Shame on you Microsoft it’s not acceptable!

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    • Another great File Explore to add to the list:

      XYplorer is a file manager and Explorer replacement for Windows.

      It’s fast, powerful, portable, dual paned, and multi-tabbed.

      Packed full of features and options.

    • in reply to: Upcoming KDE Plasma 6 DE info #2617347

      Hi Microfix,
      Great desktop with lots of features.
      Sure has many setting options to tweak.

    • in reply to: Can’t install apps that are not from MS Store #2614346


      Does this happen on all apps?

      If so you take a look at this setting.

      “Open Settings > Apps > Apps & Features and set the option to “Allow apps from anywhere”

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