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    • I come to desktop support after a career in manufacturing as a semiconductor process engineer. I fail to understand why typical six sigma QA do not apply to Microsoft. My first patch recovery Wednesday involved a defect rate by MS patches at 3/25. I now know how to pause for 30 days as I await a new instance of WSUS. All of this discussion can be prevented by an authentic QA process.

      Would you accept a defect rate of 3/25 for pace makers, condoms, HIV test, etc? I think not. Yet, this insanely flawed process is a true national security issue. The standard for patch Tuesday is orders of magnitude greater than consumer goods. Death and destruction will strike on a massive scale eventually without a proper six sigma process control at MS patching and features.

      If any process deserves six sigma, it is this one. Would you install brake pads on your family vehicle if the instructions stated the need to verify the quality of the product prior to installing? I think no one would purchase such brake pads. Is the burden of proving quality on the surgeons implanting a pace maker? It is time to educate Congress and force this insanity to end now.


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      Thank you Susan for this post. It seems WSUS is able to block updates, but configuration is critical.



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