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    • MannieG writes: ” there is no increased mass due increased number of electrons entering the flash memory. In other words the original article is incorrect”, and this is true.

      It can be interested to show why it is “impossible” to increase the number of electrons in the flash drive (i.e – as a total it remains neutral) :

      In the text referenced in the article it is told that 1GB of full memory requires about 700 femtograms of electrons. As the capacity of a flash drive (just left on a table) with respect to surroundings (to “ground”) is of the order of 10 picofarad, simple calculation shows that the charge of those ADDITIONAL 700 femtograms of electrons would result in the voltage (between flash drive and ground) of the order of 10 000 000 volts (!!!). Thus the electrons have to come to the memory cells from e.g. metallic connections in the flash drive.



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