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    • Hi guys, I appreciate your responses, however, I am not a newbie and have often interrupted a mistaken print instruction after realising my mistake. That is specially easy at home with a slow printer where switching off the printer at arms reach is often the only remedy as the job is already residing in printer memory.
      Where this is more annoying is in the office environment where the printers are generally much faster and are not located at arms length and by the time you realise your mistake and try and cancel print it is long gone and spewing wasted paper somewhere in the building. Unfortunately this mistake is also often made by others in that environment.
      While it is not necessarily my responsibility to be anyone else’s conscience it goes against my “green” anti waste life philosophy when confronted with a clearly wasteful default mode: – accidentally sending one page when 200 are required, is infinitely less wasteful than accidentally sending 200 when only one is required.
      Was just hopeful that someone on the Lounge Forum may have come across a solution to this problem.

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      Hi there to both RetiredGeek and dabbler68. Thank you for your valuable input, I have tried out some of the additional information I gleaned from dabbler68 and have tested it. What I need to do now works and all that is left now is the lengthy once off exercise of setting up the spreadsheets. Thanks again, learnt a lot, and the VBA script put a nice touch to it, although I would have even been happy to just type in the width every time.

      Great stuff and really worth it for me.


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      Hi there

      Thank you for your prompt response. It is certainly appreciated and I don’t believe the effort one would have to put in is a barrier to using that solution, but unfortunately the graphs I need this for pose a challenge I had not foreseen before seeing your proposed solution. As I am a first time user of the lounge forum (but long time full subscriber to Langalist, Gizmo, Windowssecrets etc) I was not aware that one could upload example files. Thus I am going to try that and annotate accordingly to try and clarify my dilemma.



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