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      1. When you initially set OneNote you will set the location for the master file(s).  Mine are located on my C drive, thus they are included in my own backup strategy.  The location for the Master File and OneNote backup files is confusing to me.
      2. OneNote has Excel capability.
      3.  OneNote does not seem to have the “advanced” Word capabilities such as Outlining.  But, you can include a link in a OneNote binder to an external Word File.
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      “Or more broadly, does OneNote or NoteMan have any Excel-like and any Word-like functions built into it?”

      For OneNote:
      The short answer is “Yes – mostly.”

      Take for example Excel.  You can insert a blank spreadsheet on any page of a OneNote binder, then work with it exactly as you would with Excel.  [But actually the new spreadsheet is not part of the OneNote file, but is a reference to an Excel file that lives outside your OneNote file.  The Excel file can live at any location that you choose on the C drive.]  Personnally, I have found OneNote interactions with Excel to be clever and very useful.

      Word and PowerPoint can be inserted and worked with similarly to what is described above for Excel.

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      If you are talking about just storage of material – you are right, that is, as far as I know you can keep everything in some findable location on your C drive.  But the chief advantage of a “OneNote” binder is how material is added to the binder(s).  For example, either a portion or the entire content of any web page can be quickly grabbed and stashed into a binder.  Also, the “print” function from within an application, instead of being directed to a printer, can be directed to a specific binder.  “OneNote” is hugely more powerful than Google Keep.  “OneNote” simplifies the daily activities of the typical student.

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      Try this:  Open the web site in the Chrome browser and use the the extension called “Clip to OneNote” to easily grab either the entire web page or you can clip a region.  You would probably want to clip a succession of regions, that is, it may take 5 or 6 or more, successive clips to grab all the text and illustraions.  I have found this is easier than copy/pasting into Word.

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      Microsoft Sticky-Notes, part of the Office Suite, looks to be inferior to NotesMan because Sticky-Notes is lacking in formatting and grouping capabilities.  But Sticky-Notes is cross platform (in android look for it within the Office app).

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      I had the exactly the same thought as Milleron.  Where are you 5 or 8 or 10 years from now when the Info-Base principals have a life event and disappear with your organised gray matter?  And anyway, should I be grateful that some wonderful entity in another Continent wants to, at no cost to me, store, back-up, and guard my life’s details?  And of course they won’t let anyone else to peek.  Right?  Well, if no one is peeking then exactly what are they doing with all that data?  Just a few thoughts.

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