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      PDF Printing

      As with others I mostly print to PDF, using Microsoft version or the Bullzip equivalent as that has some usefull additional features.

      Inkjet Printer Cartridges and jet blockage prevention method (used since 2007)

      With respect to inkjet all-in-one printers I have used, since 2007, and have always found that the reputable 3rd party ink cartridges on Amazon.co.uk have never let me down… w.r.t. inkjet blockages,

      BUT… I have a repeating task (a once a month) on both my desktop PC and my smartphone to do a nozzle check print.

      That, by design exercises all colours and has, for the past few years of printer ownership (2007-2022) resulted in no printer lost to jet blockages [on my third since 2007 – Epson DX6000 2007-2016 (£85) – electronics died one day – dead screen…, Canon MG5751 (£50){2016-2021} electronics error code – “return to manufacturer or replace”… so… Canon T8350 (£120) {Mid 2021-…}] and typically I print to hardcopy once every few months…, i.e. less than 100 pages a year…

      Inkjet Printer typical cost profile over seen printer lifetime

      Typically the prices of the ink sets average out at c.£11 per set (depending on the age of the printer as they ten to start at ~£16 per set and drift down to £6 per set over a 5-year period from model launch, from past experience since 2007.)


      So in summary, if you are a low-rate occastional printer of hardcopy prints then an inkjet is viable, provided you do a monthly inkjet test, using the nozzle check feature in the manufacter’s utilities software.

      At least on Windows, LINUX may not have this feature but I do not know so I cannot comment… but if you have a presentation tool, i.e.; open office’s version of ‘PowerPoint’ you could create a set of coloured blocks of similar hue as those in the test card that the nozzle checks use and print that instead… just a thought…

    • It all started on 2022/09/30, I keep system logs in Notepad++. I note all installs and sys.config changes for this very purpose.

      The only software updated during that period according to my system config logs (I record all driver/system software etc installs), ‘Installed Updates’ (Control Panel) was on 2022/09/27 (KB5017022, KB5017308 and the servicing stack update 10.0.19041.1940) so yes this was the cause. see also the subsequent other person with the same issue w.r.t. System Tray.

      As for your enviable experience, given the inherent permutations and combinations of hardware / firmware / drivers etc. it is entirely conceivable that there will be a spectrum of affected systems and variability in the extent to which they are affected.

      Perfect example… ‘Bruce’ (the commenter after yours) has this issue partially… so one with all the symptoms (Me), one with some (Bruce) and one with none… (you)

      It is great, you have no issues… I envy you, but I did not really post this for those that have no issues, I did so the others e.g. ‘Bruce’ so they could get a ‘fix’ without the pain of trying other things (as I did for hours!… ) and this ‘Fix’ takes all of 15 seconds to apply so where is the harm…?

      All the best for the future.

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      Personally, I’ve used (Firefox ESR) with NoScript uBlock, Privacy Badger, https-everywhere, (2005 for some and later for others 2014 for other extensions/add-ons)

      I also use IBM Trusteer Rapport (since 2005) on any sites where I exchange any personal or, especially banking data. P.S. its free and is recommended by a lot of banks in UK, US,… and I have used it since 2005, had some stability and performance issues 2005-2009 but nothing since then (but cannot use FireFox std due to 6wk update cadence, hence I use FF-ESR.

      <Rant – Begin 🤬>

      The real issue is that advertising companies have always been kings of poor practice, e.g. in the UK the Advertising Standards Authority’

      Regulation of Online Advertising: A Briefing – ASA | CAP

      has historically had to slap down many companied in TV ads for misleading ads and poor practices so what could you expect them to do when they had a new playing field that the punters are (mostly still) completely oblivious to (unless it is pushed under their noses) that tracking IS a potential issue…

      Given the proportion of people that actually trust mobile OS’s enough to do online transactions on their phones…

      {Many of which have only recently started supporting adblocking (I’m looking at you Android + FireFox […Chrome is a joke since it still doesn’t support any extensions… probably to justify not having adblocking (it is against their core corporate raison d’etre after all)] }

      … especially when all smartphones are currently where PC’s were in the windows 98 era, in terms of online privacy & security support… << 3-5 years unlike on PC’s… and they’re still claiming they don’t need antimalware …

      – because Apple/Google app stores are safe (ROFL x 1E+06)

      … so I put Sophos Mobile (free for non-business users) on my and all family’s smartphones… but I still do no financial transaction via that device – PC only…

      <Rant – End 😊>

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      An Update & Resolution (of sorts….) to update applications…maybe…

      As of today 2021/09/28, I applied the current Patch Tuesday (as per Askwoody 18.37.1) i.e.; KB5005565) which may indicate 21H1 soley as the cause of the loss of ability to detect my USB 3.0 connected Canon TS8350… OR it maybe due to my or, as mentioned in Askwoody 18.37.1, it was installing the update in a Administrator Account…
      (I made my Non-Admin Account an Admin logged out and back in before applying the updates).

      Or a undocumented update to KB5005565… I seem to remember that happening in the distant past (not 100% on that remembrance)… anyway patch applied to Win10 v2004, and printing was still working afterwards, and checked after a full restart… just in case it was only working due to a transitory system state… but was OK. So will transition to 20H2 in mid December… unless Canon update their drivers for 21H1 compatibility…. but safer to move one version at a time IMHO as they are only enablement packages and it gives any “undocumented features” of 21H1 to be unofficially resolved, (what problem…? 😒👍.


      P.S . I applied the OS version to the Local Policy as per Askwoody 18.37.1, nice to be able to fend of the C.F. implementation and borkage that will be generated in Windows 11’s first 12-24 months (Poor Alderlake early adopters, I wish you luck, you are going to need it!… cut off your hair now as your going to pull it all out anyway, most likely…sorry!)

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      Dear All,

      Below is my experience with printing / Windows Updates & Feature Updates vs Microsoft’s QA competence of late…

      W.r.t. Printer issues with 21H1 and KB5005565, I updated to 21H1 on 2021/09/06 and the patch last week… I have a Canon TS8350 All-in-one printer that I typically use once/twice a month, hence this story…

      I tried to use it on 2021/09/19 and (since I had PrintSpooler disabled as per recommendations w.r.t. PrintNightmare) when reactivating PrintSpooler I found that it was not available. It is connected via USB cable since I only use wired connections were possible and my personally spec’d & built Ryzen 3600X based desktop has no WIFI hardware. (note this printer was not networked and had never been).


      I tried all the things possible, before a driver removal and reinstallation – ‘driver installation failed’ (MS auto instals an App (w.r.t. ink supply levels… but never used it though… Amazon… 😊)). Anyway was totally borked, i.e.; after four hours or trying different things based (e.g. SCF/Scannow, REVO software  removal + ProgramData/USer/AppData removal of CANON folders (no other Canon stuff)) I had to resort to removal of Sept patch (KB5005565)… no fix… I then, finally, reverted to one of my Macrium Reflect Images from an hour before the 21H1 Feature installation and… Fully Working 100%.

      Not overly impressed with MS QA at all so will be waiting until Mid-December now and changing my intended Targeted Version to 20H2, not 21H1 as a result. Total pants Microsoft.

      P.S. As for Windows 11, personally I think it is irrelevant and I will be awaiting Windows 12, i.e. I intend on staying on Windows 10 until 2025 and will only move IF Windows 10 proves LESS stable / secure at that time (TPM 2.0 will prevent malware really, so it holds all the security certificates yes…. so what happened with the  signed vulnerable Printer Drivers auto-install and the Razer Mouse System Level access driver auto install… would it have prevented that – not according to Wendell at Levelonetechs…

      P.P.SS watch the Levelonetechs review of Windows 11 (done by the aforementioned Wendell) on YouTube, oof bit of a (very deserved) roasting by Wendell (he he he!). A bit toasty over there Microsoft Windows “Marketing” team?…

      Well that’s my spleen vent for today :-).

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