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      I just hope it will be straight forwards , it should be as there is no changing the Boot files from MBR  as it is already booting using uefi,  shame i didn’t know how to make the installation DVD of win7 install that way,mind you it had no support for usb3 either

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      In addition to the updates checked in your screenshot, you need to also check the 2019-09 version of KB4474419 and install it.

      RE: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/only-install-specific-updates-without-issues/

      Same machine , I think i will clone my O/S Hdd prior to installing  just incase  i have issues , i have a spare SSD that the image will fit on  but it has Win 7 on it , I upgraded  my O/S SSD to nvme and also in capacity and also changed the boot from MBR to UEFI (which wasn’t straight forwards due to Acronis rescue media not catering for this scenario out of the box so needed to add drivers and the 2 windows compatibility updates for NVME support , and a win PE boot loader iirc , So will win7 format this old  spare ssd with a working win o/s on it 1st

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      Your screen grab is not attached.
      None of the updates you see are Group B patches. Group B updates are Catalog download only and are not offered through Windows Update.

      Did you perhaps click on “Restore hidden updates” instead of “Check for updates”?

      No,I only checked for Windows updates like i always do, as i have windows updating switched off sreen grab that was missing

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      So on the servicing stack side of this would i need to also install KB 3177467 (Dec 18 ssu)? or just the latest which you linked to?

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      Yes, you should install the Servicing Stack KB4490628 and the SHA-2 Code Signing support (dated 9/9/2019) KB4474419. You can download them from the MS Catalog by following the links. Be sure you get the one that matches the bitedness of your computer.

      It probably wouldn’t hurt to install the September Servicing Stack KB4516655 also.
      NOTE: Servicing Stack Updates have to be install exclusively (by themselves) one at a time.

      So no requirement for  me to install all the missing security updates from after nov 2017,then ? if i am on the same page,  that’s great if that is the case thank you

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      Mitgated at the expense of performance

      With the security SW that is use, I see no noticeable hit in performance, So that probably will vary on the choice of security solution you chose, But the 2018  o/s patches for intel cpu’s and the bios patches did cause a drop in performance apparently, I don’t actually know because i didn’t install those patches  my o/s is only patched upto DEC17 and it is very stable , It’s like using xmp enabled or not  can you notice the difference? unless you are benchmarking

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      My take on this is why pay a premium in price for something that emulates an SSD When the price of a SATA 3 SSD is affordable  unless you need above 2tb  but for most people optane is no more than a gimmick I self  built my current PC , and would never buy new a pre built desktop PC ,

      As for these intel exploits if you are running a good internet security, multi layered product , these are automatically mitigated if configured correctly

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    • I’ll rely on my security suite and common sense, haven’t patched since Dec 2017

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      Win 7×64, Home Premium, AMD, MSE, no problems so far.

      No issues here either so far to report Win 7 sp1 ultimate x64

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      You can download windows O/S and Office product ISO files  by browsing to this location ,downloading the iso download tool  https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-and-office-iso-download-tool

      Then select the windows version that matches the version that you have a licence for , and download it, then you can either burn the image to a dvd or make a bootable flash drive , but if you have a motherboard that has usb 3 you will need to inrtergrate the ubs divers into that image if you intent on installing using a usb stick or the installation will fail

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      The for me are several factors that prevent me from even thinking about downgrading to win 10

      but the key ones are the snooping cannot be terminated completely, even with 3rd party s/w it often is re-enabled following an update,

      Lack of user control over updates like i have in win7,

      It’s non-desktop pc syle of gui, and apps i don’t like or want them, it’s like they have forgotten that PC means PERSONAL  (my) Computer and not Microsofts, imo

      And finally win 10 is sold as a service unlike all previous versions so at any point in time they could introduce a subscription business model

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      I recently  wasted 1 hr of their scamming time, by pretending to be very dumb around a computer and the internet,  they were claiming to be  ISP BT  assuming that i was a customer of that ISP  (i’m not or never have been for BB) and that there was a problem with my router, it had been sending them error messages, and that he needed to access my computer to show me, and check for  wiruses ,lol After he realised that he was not going to be given access to my machine he got angry, saying why are you wasting my time, I then put him straight  that he was the one wasting my time, followed by a few hindi swear words one , there are some good videos    on you tube jim browning accesses their machines and alerts victims

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      I guess i have become a group W candidate,Since MS ‘s hash over spector and other james bond namesakes, Non that have been actually used in the wild,I stopped installing Group B Patches, only install MSO patches ,i don’t use IE 11,andhave a realtime security suite  that includes a firewall on my system, i also periodically run other security SW scans on demand

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      Yet another failure to release error freeupdates, has MS completely lost the plot? or is this diliberate a renewed push to get more onto the borg win10 / well looking like another month i’ll be holding off updating  my win7 box,  month 4 so far

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    • Well, looks like i was right in ceasing to update my WIN7 box  last updated Nov 17 group B

      one [problem] after another – updating your machine is now pointless, imo

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