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      Looks like 1 partition using all available drive space is the way to go, then use top-level folders in place of partitions for organization.  Then if performance slows, or just for periodic  maintenance  check free space and possible bad sectors,

      Thank you everyone who replied.


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      I see SyncToy is no longer a part of PowerToys, but a separate MS download exists for the 2009  version.  Does anyone use this anymore?

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      A Caveat to folks who want to start using Quicken 2004.  In 2010 we needed a low-cost bookkeeping system for a small local charity and so purchased a new, legal Quicken 2004 on  eBay for just a few dollars.  It installed and ran okay at first, but I kept finding bugs in it — nothing I couldn’t work around, but I lost some functionality and it was *$#?*!! annoying.  The problem was, I think, the DVD (or was it a CD — I forget) was the initial release and when I tried find fixes  there was nothing out there.  So do your homework if you are thinking of switching to an old Quicken release (or any old release.)  I suffered that year .  .  . 2011 I switched to MS Money.  I wished MS Money had had better custom reports, but was able to port data to Excel and set up special reports there.  Today I use  a simple bookkeeping system set up in Excel.

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      I downloaded  ccPortable_5.58_online.paf.exe and executed it, choosing my flash drive as a location.  I got a message that the install completed and I put a check mark in the run it now box.  When I closed the install screen, ccPortable apparently started, since I got the UAC query to which  I said Yes.  I immediately got the message, “Another instance of ccPortable is already active, please close .  .  .  ”  I brought up Task Manager and read thru everything running, but no where did I see an App or process for ccPortable.  I rebooted the PC, then attempted to run ccPortable.exe from my flash drive — same problem “another instance of ccPortable is already running.

      Did I download the wrong executable?  Do I need to install a Portable Application front end first?  Anyone else have this problem?  I am running Windows 10 Home with all May updates applied.  Thanks for any help you can give.


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