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      Hi, it’s me again. I was wondering. On the flash drive at the very bottom of the 210 file list of .7 is a zip folder called archive. It’s smaller than the other files. If I do a right click and open I see other folders that were on the desktop that I’d love to have. Next to that is an extract all icon. Is there any danger in extracting all? And if not where might it extract to ? Sorry for the new questions but I just saw this.

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      I ran malawarebytes and it clean. Ran scan now nothing found.

      Windows cannot find ‘C:\Users\xxxxxx\desktop\to be used posts\xxxxxx.jpeg’. Make sure you typed the name correctly and type again. This after I ran indexing twice.C. In index advanced there is a troubleshooting delete and rebuild index .Is that what you mean by Clear and re-index all your files?

      Index location. Current location C:\ProgramData\Microsoft. Empty box new location after service is restored? What should go there?


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      Yes I have restarted the machine. Windows 10 Home 20H2. OS build 19042.1110. Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0. General tab Type: file folder. Location: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Desktop. Size:46.3 MB (48,613,522 bytes). Size on disc:46.6 MB (48,889,856 bytes). Contains:  109 Files, 0 Folders . Created: Tuesday, ‎July ‎13, ‎2021, ‏‎5:21:06 AM. Attributes Read only Sharing tab. Network path not shared. The files are all small.jpg. When I go to post I can see the image and can post it. Not sure why the file explorer has the same behavior. It won’t open but is pinned to the task bar.

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      So I now have my docs,my music,my pictures and my videos. All I’d like to find is my contacts, and my firefox and thunderbird profiles.

      So thank you so very much for your help with this problem. It is very much appreciated.

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      So the Z-7 shows E:\SupportAssist_Backups\2021-07-09_13.10.26\ in the extract to place which is the flash drive. Is that where I want it to go? The drive only has 19,5 GB left. Is there a way I can extact it to another place? Also ,when I open archive.z01 get this E:\SupportAssist_Backups\2021-07-09_13.10.26\archive.z01\. Opening that shows just C. Opening C shows files like fix firexox, Apps, downloads , users etc. The Apps file contains .net files for example. Archive.z02 has the same files. And so on. I guess I have to open all of them to see whats there. Since Windows is working fire all I really need are the Pictures,music etc. Can I ignore the other folders?

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      The above is what appears in the 7-zip . Along with the folders for Documents, Music, Videos and Pictures. If I open one I see what should be in the folder. But how do i get them to where they should be. Before the repair there was a folder on C\Users\XXXXXX. Where XXXX is my first initial last name.Along with My first name and public. I used the open function of the 7-zip. Where do I go from here. Thank You for your help.

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      I’m getting the same error. Tried several times with the same error each time. Waiting awhile before I try again,

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