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      Thank you

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      Thank you both very much indeed!

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      Repair did not help. Am I better off downloading that repair tool rather than uninstalling it via Programs/Features?

      For past c. 2 weeks, Office Updates has given me error message 0XC0000142. Microsoft technician suggested I uninstall then reinstall. Are you suggesting I don’t have to uninstall first?  Thanks for the clarification.

      (Have Microsoft Office 365, personal)

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      Thanks for the reply.  I’ve been advised to reinstall due to problems with Office Update.  Don’t care which bit.  So, delete from Programs and Features before reinstalling?

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      Oops – apples and oranges.  Just realized Control plus + applies to the web…

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      Thank you much

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      Thank you both so much!  I realized yesterday that I hadn’t checked sub-documents and, so far, I’m in business.

      I did notice that the first time I ran the macro that the ‘busy’ wheel stayed on screen for what seemed a long time, but after that running the macro went smoothly.

      Appreciate all your help


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      Yet again I have been unsuccessful.  My settings in Trust Center for Macro Settings are “Disable All…with notification” and have turned off “Trust access…”

      The path to my documents is in Trusted Locations

      “Allow documents …” in Trusted Document

      Thank you for your patience.



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      Finally, after repeated tries over 2 days, the path above was accepted.

      I thank you again.

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      Thank you so very much.  I have a problem…I tried to add new location of

      C:\Users\Nan\Documents and get message it has already been added to my trusted locations.

      But when I try to run the macro, I still get the message.  Am embarrassed to say I can’t find path to Word to try to enter that in new location.  Ugh.

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      My sad saga continues. I unchecked startup, hid all MS services (Disable automatically became gray). Applied changes, restarted, Restore still not working (and wouldn’t let me Undo the most recent one, 3/30…) I reapplied my original settings in Selective (load system/startup checked; original boot unchecked don’t remember if I had it checked/unchecked on earlier attempts), tried Restore: couldn’t get past the 3/30 point. Said successfully restored to 3/30, even tho that wasn’t the date I had chosen. I haven’t been able to Undo that point – Either in Safe Mode or Normal.

      Twice the system wouldn’t get beyond the screen saying Please wait…System Restore is initializing.” CPU light steady, the wheel on screen turning. Gave it c. 10 minutes, both times. Had to force shutdown.
      At one point I got error ox80070057- (I do not have any partitions)

      However, I thank you very, very much for all your suggestions and patience. I will go along without the Restore feature.

      An aside: When I was in Services, I noticed Disk defragmenter was Stopped. I never did that and I was able to use it 2 days ago.

      Thanks again, Mark

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      Forgive ignorance, but what will I be testing? System Restore?

      I had been using Selective for years. After following your instructions, should I leave it at that or check Normal?

      Again, thank you.

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      Thank you for that suggestion . I did run Chkdsk and on its screen read ‘warning F paramater not specified’ and ‘Chkdsk was executed in read-only mode on a volume snapshot.’ Then after a few more seconds, its window vanished. (Months/years ago I had checked it to automatically fix errors)

      Tried to figure out how to read the results. Went to Event log but it was meaningless to me. (How does one?)

      Ran it again to capture its screen, and saw ‘Windows has checked the file system and found no problems.’ And
      462947327 KB total disk space.
      86753632 KB in 136878 files.
      108116 KB in 30824 indexes.
      0 KB in bad sectors.
      326247 KB in use by the system.
      65536 KB occupied by the log file.
      375759332 KB available on disk.

      4096 bytes in each allocation unit.
      115736831 total allocation units on disk.
      93939833 allocation units available on disk.
      So, now that Chkdsk and Scannow came up clean, am apparently left with computer that won’t do a Restore operation for its own reason…

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      Thanks, again Mark.  Ok. Got it this time. Result =’Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.’

      Under that:
      The syntax of the command is incorrect.

      Incorrect, yet it ran?!
      Well, good news is no violation.
      I do thank you for your information post!

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      Thank you for your info.

      Ccleaner: Apparently after I shut down, the restore points I deleted in Ccleaner were also deleted in Restore window.

      I was informed of the failure to Restore after the operation was completed and restarted computer. No other error message, other than try a different date.

      I didn’t note date when the failure to restore started, but it was quite a long while ago.  I do keep up with Windows Updates (wonder IF one of them could be the culprit). As I said, being in Safe Mode I was still unable to do a Restore.

      Again, thank you.

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